Things I’ve been doing lately:
Making badass macaroni and cheese to put in these cauldron bowls from crate and barrel and eating Lindt chocolate like it’s going out of style.

Comfort foods up the wazoo until I get my life back in order. :) 
Also it was my first year anniversary this past weekend! Woohoo! We went apple picking and it was adorable.

I’m still settling into my house and work is nutzo because I’m a designer for a living and that’s just my life. I’m gonna go do some yoga!

Not-baking Rhi

My lovely blog readers!
My lack of posts have been depressing me, so instead of just taking a hyper-extended hiatus, I thought I’d give you an update.

Owning a home is difficult. I’m 25 and had no idea what to expect, but I’m at least staying afloat. Things to note:

  1. We’ve finished a wall! The Green wall with shelving that my lovely husband was spotted painting is done, the shelves were beige and we painted them black. We loaded up all our board games and video games and it is starting to feel like home. 
  2. I’m in the process of getting the rest of my basement painted. Not limited to that green little hallway (I still have 4 more walls to paint that same color) and the clown murder/to be laundry room. I employed two of my friends to help me paint while they came to visit, and the good news is that we at least made a dent in the room before our washer/dryer was delivered. Doing 3 weeks of laundry in one day in the comfort of your own home is glorious.
  3. While I haven’t gotten into too much decorating yet, we did decide to get some sort of hook for our keys. I’d seen these around before but I had to have one, so I went up on etsy and picked this out.
  4. All work and no play makes Rhiannon a disaster.
    No. Really.
    Thankfully we were able to escape to the Renaissance Faire up in Tuxedo, NY for a fun-filled day of wenches, turkey legs and silent comedic magicians. I splurged and bought a corset, which was super fun to wear and was also great to take off (oh man my lungs were happy). I may have gone out and bought some mead a few days after because I loved the drinks so much. I might do a post about it, it’s perfect for fall! :) 

Anyway. I miss you all dearly, and once I figure out my lighting situation (or lack thereof) I’ll surely get back to my regular recipe posting.

Fall is upon us, so do check out my Pumpkin Themed goodies, as well as my favorite apple recipes that I’m sure will hit the spot.
Or maybe you could use a chai cupcake to wind down with? Mmm.

I’ll be back soon with my regularly scheduled sass-induced recipe posts, and hopefully a video or two - I haven’t forgotten about my possible youtube stardom! (Yeah, okay.)

<3 Rhi!

Hi, I really like your blog and recipes! Although I decided to become a vegan, I don't want to miss all the good sweet stuff. So, do you know any good vegan recipes you could share with us, especially for cookies and muffins?

Hi there!
I actually do have a few recipes in the hopper that I plan to try out, but right now all I’ve got on my site is this individual Apple Pie recipe that’s vegan.
A lot of the recipes I have can be swapped out for vegan/soy butter.

I use lactaid milk (which I know isn’t vegan), but almond milk is usually a good substitute since it’s nice and creamy (just not for frosting, I’m not a fan).

If anyone has any suggestions on egg substitutes please feel free to chime in! :)
In the future I’ll let you know whether or not the recipes I try out are vegan ;)
Good luck with doing that, god knows I couldn’t do it.

Thanks for following!

Rhi here - I’m sorry for the lack of posts recently, as I have been in the process of moving! 

Tonight was the first night I was able to gather enough of my supplies to break in my crazy new kitchen - and what better way to do it with chocolate chip cookies?

I’ve dealt with literal scaredy cats, the “clown murder room/dippin’ dots barf” room, moving crazy amounts of furniture and creating a box graveyard in the past week. 

So as soon as my life has settled down, I promise you great amounts of warm-sugary lovin’ in your lives. In the meantime, feel free to check out my recipe index for any ideas!

<3 bakerhi

No-Bake Kitchen Sink Cookies

Scene: It’s Sunday night. You’re sitting on your couch with your Food Network Magazine, watching The Next Food Network Star.

And you realize.

You have found a recipe you might have all the ingredients for, and you could totally have your own show.

So what do I do? I get up and I decide “Sure, I have all the.. oh. I don’t have this. Or that. Well, let’s see what I can do anyway.” Food network stars need to improvise, right?

If you didn’t know, I’m moving soon. We’re trying to not buy extra food items, and work our way through the things we already have. I have lots of odds and ends, and in packing up a bunch of the stuff in my cabinets, I’ve found some things that I’d forgotten about (that thankfully don’t go bad either) - SO. Let’s go through the actual recipe, and I’ll tell you what I swapped out.


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