10 Drinks at Starbucks that aren’t Coffee

I am one of those people who doesn’t like coffee. Believe me, I’ve tried. My Dad has been a Starbucks fan for most of my life; at least when it finally got big near me when I was in junior high. Yes, there was once a time where Dunkin was the only option aside from a local coffee shop. The smell of coffee is comforting to me, so I’ve always appreciated it, I just don’t like drinking it.

Instead, over the years I have found most of the alternative drinks at Starbucks so I can still go “grab coffee” with friends or colleagues. It’s not only tea, either. Though there’s some tea on this list, I won’t lie to you.

However, you will not see a Pumpkin Spice latte on this list, I can promise you that.
(…but I’ll be damned if I didn’t love that pumpkin cream cheese muffin.)
Okay – onto the list.

  1. Green Tea
    Good for your metabolism, good for your well being. Iced for summer, hot for winter, and it can’t really be oversteeped. I’ve had too many awake tea experiences that have turned bitter too fast. This is a solid option.
  2. Iced Green Tea & Lemonade 
    Sometimes green tea doesn’t have enough flavor for me to get me going, so adding the lemonade gives it a little bit more depth while staying refreshing. Don’t over-sweeten unless you want to look like a baby eating their first lemon.
  3. Iced Black Tea & Lemonade
    If you’re looking for a makeshift Arnold Palmer, here you go.
  4. Vanilla Steamer/Vanilla Creme
    One day I went into Starbucks and I just wanted something that was warm and vanilla-y. I asked if they could make something like that, and lo-and behold, I found the vanilla steamer. I’m pretty sure it’s just steamed milk with vanilla in it, but I’m completely okay with that. I’m not in this for the caffeine.
  5. Green Tea Latte
    I know, I get it, it’s trendy right now. But getting this iced sets me up for my morning, I am energized and full and happy. I get this with one pump sweetener just because with soy milk, getting it any sweeter is just too much for me. A creamy, green drink to start your day, right? 😉
  6. Cool Lime Refresher
    I accidentally discovered this drink when I was looking for the Acai refreshers that Starbucks had out this summer, but they ran out of the ingredients to make it in early August. I was pleasantly surprised, and what I like even MORE about it is the limes they put in your drink have enough flavor after you’ve had the initial drink, you can refill your cup with water and have a lime-flavored drink. It’s wonderful!
  7. Vanilla Bean Frappuccino 
    I also get the Green Tea frap, which was a lot of fun to explain to people when I was younger since matcha wasn’t en vogue then, but the Vanilla Bean is nice and refreshing, and if you’re feeling lucky, get some caramel drizzle on it and BAM: the perfect drink treat.
  8. Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino
    This is a once-in-a-while drink for me. For the frappuccino line, it is pretty rich, but it is so good. Perfect when you need to hit your chocolate craving over the head, hard.
  9. Hot Chocolate (duh)
    Once upon a time, hot chocolate was the only drink I would be caught dead with. I’m not sure what the change in heart was, but I’m happy I upgraded. Though, do you guys remember the short-lived Chantico? Basically melted chocolate bars in a drink, which even in a short size was so rich you needed to split it with a friend? What a good time.
  10. Chai Latte
    Iced or not, this is a great drink. The first time I ever had one, I though that the taste embodied Christmas as a whole, but now I’ve decided it’s more along the lines of a fall drink.

What are your favorite go-to’s? What would you suggest for someone who doesn’t like coffee and might want to dabble in it a bit? Let me know in the comments.

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