10 Foods to conquer making in 2015

[This was originally posted in March of this year – I’m going to update this since I’m reposting it to my new blog!]

I have always treated my blog as a challenge. A way to grow as a photographer, a blogger and a baker. Even a little as a designer. My comfort zone is cookies and cupcakes, but there are a ton of things I still don’t know how to do, so here’s a list of things I can learn to make over the course of this year!

  1. Croquembouche/pâte à chou – I mean… have you seen one of those pyramids of glory? I gotta try that.
  2. Pop-Tarts – because a few good people I know challenged me to that a long time ago, and I never followed through (oops!).
  3. Beignets – Basically because they’re also beautiful and seem like a good challenge.
    August Update: I did this – check out my video here!
  4. Macarons – This is a real test here. I’ve seen people fail making these on food network (okay it was an 11 year old kid, but still!). They have to be perfectly sized and chilled and all that, so I’ve got some reading to do.
    August Update: I’ve tried this. Twice. These are a lot harder than they seem.
  5. Fondant – So, last week I had my first attempt at making marshmallow fondant, which tasted great, but didn’t necessarily come out according to plan (fail video here).
  6. Truffles – I think the fact that trying to cover an oreo ball in chocolate properly has scared me away from anything that’s truly considered a truffle, so I should probably give it the old college try.
  7. Real Cinnamon Rolls – I’ve made those homemade pillsbury ones so many times, I feel like eating a real one would blow my mind right now. 
  8. Souffle – because I’d love to claim the title of “Souffle Girl” from Clara Oswin Oswald. 😉
    August Update: Look look I did this too! (video coming soon)
  9. Cannolis – I think you need some special metal rods or something in order to shape the crust part, but I think that would be a solid challenge.
  10. Petit Fours – I’ve just never thought about making these. Why not? They’re adorable and very Alice in Wonderland.

It’s never too late to make a resolution – comment with your food conquering goals, or reassure me that what I am going to try isn’t really that hard!

August Update: Wow. I really have some catching up to do – yikes! At least I have 2 down 🙂

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