10 Reasons baking chocolate chip cookies in a blizzard is a good idea

With the potential upcoming blizzard, here are a few reasons to make sure you have all of the ingredients for chocolate chip cookies in the house over bread or milk – but also milk. I mean, let’s be honest. When is baking cookies a bad idea? Maybe if you have the flu.

Anyway. Here are my reasons, agree with me or leave.

  1. It keeps your kitchen warm, and since it’s cold outside, you could use all the heat you can get!
  2. It keeps you busy for a few hours.
  3. Cookie dough. (Need I say more?)
  4. Since there are more cookies then there are people (more often than not), you will have leftovers to outlast the snow.
  5. Because nothing says home sweet home like the smell of freshly baked cookies in your kitchen.
  6. Because they are a great hand held treat for board games.
  7. Because the milk in your fridge needs a buddy before the power (possibly) goes out.
  8. Because you’re hungry, so why not.
  9. Because it’s a great group project – everybody wins!
  10. Because you can pretend you’re in a commercial for nestle toll house cookies after you come in from the snow to a plate of cookies. There’s an activity for you. Do it for the vine.

Have more reasons? Leave me a comment! If you’re in the Northeast US, you’ve got the time. I know you do.

Need a recipe or two? Check here for a classic (I just swapped out the chips, I promise it’s the normal recipe), and here for Alton Brown’s classy upgrade – photo updates soon to come. Maybe during that incoming blizzard. These pics are crazy old.

If you have any additional reasons why you should make cookies, leave them in the comments. Psh, like you need MORE.

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