10 Reasons I’d take a cupcake over cake

Sometimes, you don’t want a cake. Sometimes you don’t want to carry around a plate with you, and you’d rather just grab it and run off to the corner with your OWN cupcake. Sometimes your friend cuts cake completely unevenly and you end up with a piece that is either WAY too big or embarrassingly shredded/fallen over. And sometimes you make a cake and suck at decorating it because you’ve cut it too close to needing to be finished, so you don’t have time for a crumb coat or even know what a crumb coat IS.

*deep breath* Okay. Both are good, but sometimes I would rather have & make a cupcake. Here are my reasons why.

  1. They’re self contained food – portion control is built in!
  2. The ratio of frosting to cake is much more equal (ya know, if you frost them right)
  3. You can pretend they’re sandwiches (take the bottom, tear it off and put it on top – voila!)
  4. They’re easier to bake all the way through. Sometimes the center of the cake doesn’t cook – cupcakes are just a smaller surface area to heat up!
  5. If you frost a cupcake badly, there’s always the next one to fix, or just scrape it off and try again – if you try to do that with a cake, chaos ensues.
  6. They’re a plate-less food. Who needs a plate for a cupcake? Great for socializing!
  7. You can arrange cupcakes into more fun shapes much easier than rearranging a cake. Cake tree? No thanks.
  8. They are easier to fill than a cake that may or may not slide off the second tier if your filling is slippery and you didn’t wait long enough for your cakes to cool.
  9. They bake and cool faster due to their awesome size
  10. They are easier to transport from place to place, because they’re not as heavy and individually can fit into smaller containers.

Yeah, sometimes you want to blow the candles off of a cake that has room enough to spell your whole name – fitting “Rhiannon” on a cupcake wouldn’t be too easy, I’ll admit. Cupcakes though, are undeniably just a great way to hand out a piece of cake that’s as equal and non-work intensive as it will get. No cutting required.

If you have the ability to tell me more reasons why cake is better than cupcakes, please feel free – I’ll take on your challenge!

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