10 Reasons why stress baking is good for you

This post on my original blog was easily one of my most shared and agreed with posts – I think everything I wrote then holds true now. I wrote this from the heart, just because I find great joy in baking for not only myself, but the people around me and the people I share with online – yeah, you!

So let’s not stress, and talk about why baking is awesome.

  1. Baking is methodical: Every measurement is precise, so you need to concentrate on only the baking when you’re doing it – in turn, clearing your head.
  2. Baking takes time: If you dedicate yourself to this activity, you’re setting time aside for yourself indirectly. Therefore creating a safe space where no-one can bother you. This works best when you’re crazy and you kick everyone out of your kitchen because they’re getting in your way. Yeah I might do this.
  3. Baking is relaxing: When have you not appreciated the scent of fresh baked cookies in your living space? Really.
  4. Baking is satisfying: Cookie dough? Check. Actual cookies? Check. Let’s be real, sometimes you need to eat your feelings. I promote eating your feelings, in moderation. (sure. let’s go with that.)
  5. Baking is motivational: You can’t just sit and wallow in whatever you’re stressed about when you’re baking. You have 10 minute intervals to sit and contemplate life, the world and everything. (the answer will always be 42)
  6. Baking is satisfying (pt 2): My coworkers adore it when I’m stressed. Not in the “haha, Rhiannon’s life is hard right now” kind of sense, but more the “sweet, I got unexpected breakfast AND dessert in the same day.”
  7. Baking is deceiving: I think I’m an anomaly. I don’t really watch TV, I play video games (when I’m not baking/working) and I’m not a huge fan of cooking. Last night, I made macaroni and cheesestrawberry muffins and monster cookies. Tonight I made my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. It makes people think that I’m on speed, because no one else can “find the time to bake.” It’s really that I don’t really have a lot of hobbies. There, now you know.
  8. Baking is productive: Baking gives you the ability to not only scientifically and mathematically massage your brain, but see a finished product. Hopefully you remembered to put both cups of flour in this time (speaking from experience here).
  9. Baking is exercise: Okay, so maybe I’m a little biased here, but for me, I try really hard not to use my mixer when I don’t have to, and I remember even as a kid, when you get a good cookie dough going, it gets tough to mix after a while. Reaching for ingredients? Or the fact that you’re probably standing while you’re mixing all these ingredients. Point being: at least you’re not sitting doing nothing. See reason #5.
  10. Baking is good: Blogging has brought me a lot of joy, and whenever I feel like I’m less of a person, or like all the effort I’m putting into the things I’m doing is amounting to nothing, I’ll look to my blog for visible proof that I’ve grown and evolved over the past few years, and my followers here appreciate when I post new recipes for them to hate me for making and not giving to them personally. Sorry guys, you know I’d totally bake for all of you! 😉

Did I miss your favorite reason to bake? Or stress cooking? Tell me in the comments!
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