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Woke up, got out of bed…

In the past week (let’s say since July 3rd, cause that was fun for so many reasons) I’ve gotten a massive amount done. It may help that I’ve switched over to freelance work for the time being, finishing up projects and waiting for my next big break in the design realm, but not having a 9-5 certainly doesn’t stop me from exploring and accomplishing. This past week I not only got to play into my art-nerdyness, but between Pokémon Go and the 1,000 comics I have to catch up on, nothing was stopping me.

Sunday, July 3rd: The First Inaugural Geek Girl Brunch of Fairfield, CT!
So, back at the beginning of this year, I told myself that I was tired of not having friends here and I needed to do something about it. After reading Sam Maggs’ “Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy,” I felt inspired to go find my people, cause I knew there had to be some lurking about. After putting together some postcards and leaving them at various places across Fairfield County, I found my two co-officers and we got this machine moving. Our first brunch we wanted to be pretty approachable, so we started off with a book swap! It was amazing to find people who know what you’re talking about/referencing, and have so much more to contribute to your life. I am so excited to get to know these women more in the coming months. I will update this when our recap goes up on the GGB website!

If you’re a nerd and feel a little alone in your adult life, go sign up and find your people! They’re out there – and if there’s not a group in your area, take initiative! It will be appreciated.

Monday, July 4th: Free fireworks from my couch. Not only on TV, but neighbors on at least 3 sides of me were going to town. No driving in traffic required.

Tuesday: My first true exploration of New Haven. While some parts of my walk (with my beloved friend Bry, who was visiting for the week) were questionable, we found solace in the Yale Art Museum. My art history knowledge burst at the seams as I fangirled out about having so many Monet’s and Picasso’s so close to home. I was beyond thrilled, and we barely scratched the surface of the entire museum. We also discovered a comic shop and a games shop & cafe that does killer sandwiches.

Wednesday: Beach! And while I did get a smidge sunburned, I even got a little tan. It was so cool. And then Pokémon go came out and the world ended. But not really.

Thursday: Was rainy. But not to fret – we stopped at another local games shop and picked up two new board games for my ever-expanding collection. Machi Koro and Tem-Purr-a – a game about city building, and a game about a cat eating contest. Radically different, but still equally as fun. Aside from those, we played (and lost) a rousing round of Dead of Winter – a zombie apocalypse game, and Gothic Doctor, a kickstarted game that I picked up at PAX East this year. The thing that kills me about these instruction booklets for all of these games is that they’re really long and arduous to learn, but the games end up being so worth playing. I’d recommend playing all of these – but Dead of Winter only if you have a spare few hours. It’s wonderful and challenging, but setup takes a bit.

Friday: I spent my Friday night catching up on all my current favorite comics. I wrote a little while back about my relationship with comics, but somehow I’ve managed to keep up with a few, and had another few recommended to me – yes, Saga was one of them and I’ve read the first trade and loved it thank you. I think my spirit animal is Jughead. I love that the whole crew went to the mall and found all of their opposite gendered personalities. Also I love how they casually mention that Jughead is Asexual with no follow up. A+ comic writers, you did a good.

Is anyone reading Merry Men? I LOVED the first one. I can’t wait to read the second when it comes out. I’ll be stopping by my local stores this week to put up info about the GGB chapter and pick up my latest copy of Invader Zim.

Sunday: 15k steps later, I’ve managed to run out of Pokéballs. RIGHT when I found a Vulpix. So sad. I’m amazed at how many people have picked up this game that I didn’t even know were mildly nerdy. It just goes to show you that everyone can find their place in nerddom. I just happened to find mine sooner 😉 My current hopes are to find a new work-home in NYC so I can get all the good Pokémon, but also for a solid paycheck and a challenging job which I love.
Are you playing Pokémon Go? I bet you are. I’m Team Valor & I have a Bulbasaur. I also had far too many Weedles before I found out that I could send them to the Professor for an extra candy. Though – my husband and I are now concerned with what the Professor is doing with all of these extra pokemon. We’re hoping it’s a catch and release situation, and we’re not secretly doing Team Rocket’s dirty work.

I will end with this: Firefly is good (I’ve just started watching it for the first time), and kitty yawns are the best.

<3 Rhi

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