I’m sorry I haven’t posted in forever! Here’s what’s up:

  • Otakon was fun – I sold some stickers/prints and gave out plenty of business cards. Hi to anyone that might be checking me out from there!! (:
  • Yesterday was a city day. Anyone ever been to blockheads in NYC? Really great margaritas, and that quesadilla was pretty ballin’.
  • Today was also a city day – Frightened Rabbit//Death Cab for Cutie concert in Williamsburg, BK. Awesome awesome show, the music was chill and the view across the river to Manhattan was gorgeous. Good vibes all around. Then I went back to Saint Alp’s Teahouse on our way out of Williamsburg. Love me some bubble tea from there. At any rate, DCFC’s best songs of the night were Soul Meets Body and New Year, as well as Title and Registration. Closed with Transatlanticism, which was great too. Frightened Rabbit was really great – scottish band coming all the way here to tour with DCFC, I’m def going to invest in some of their music.
  • Tomorrow, I start my new job! I’m really excited and I’m hoping for the best – and better than my last “Full time” gig.
  • My etsy page is almost ready to go – waiting for some funds to kick into my paypal acct and there will be stickers to be had by all! (: stay tuned!!

And last but not least, the baking part.
I will be baking some goodies for my “couch warming” party this Sunday. I don’t know how many people are gonna come, but hopefully a lot so I have an excuse to make two different things. What should I make?! I’m thinking I might try those rainbow cupcakes finally. Need to find a white cake recipe, I don’t want to buy a store bought cake.

How was everyone’s weekend?

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