Who is bakerhi?


11254452_377178235805944_422314766_nDing ding ding! That’s me! Rhiannon (get it now?).

I’m a 26 year old graphic designer. An obnoxiously proud NY transplant in CT helping people make things look pretty by day, and baking/playing video games/being a general nerd by night. I also have crazy colored hair.

I started baking in my second year of college – my first time living outside of my house with access to an oven. I found a serious comfort in baking, and needless to say anyone who lived with/near me had no complaints. I’ve since hassled my coworkers, family members and close friends with my ever-so-healthy baking habit and brought joy to hundreds.

I’m not a professional by any means. I might have a knack for it, and I have absolutely considered going back to school to open up a catering business/food truck/store-front, but I’m still really having fun just experimenting in honor of the common baker at home.

12534499_1553848628267283_162343953_nThis blog was born out of a passion for learning. I love to bake and experiment with new methods of making something pretty & edible. I also love taking photos and have since I was a youngster. While I missed the boat on the “professional photographer” front, I try my darndest to make the best of what I have and teach myself how to be a better me every single day. I’m even trying my hand at video editing – I might not be hollywood material, but YouTube can’t say no. 😉

Aside from baking, I am a huge nerd. Part of the reason I revamped my blog was to diversify my content a bit. I love analog and digital gaming as well as nerd-culture surrounding comics and tv shows. I wanted to share my thoughts about those things sometimes without feeling weird about where I put it. This blog is mine and I can post what I want – so ha! Of course, I’m still hoping for enjoyment out of both sides of my personality.
If you have any questions for me, drop me a line at bakerhimail@gmail.com 🙂