A Week in the Life

Woke up, got out of bed… In the past week (let’s say since July 3rd, cause that was fun for so many reasons) I’ve gotten a massive amount done. It may help that I’ve switched over to freelance work for the time being, finishing up projects and waiting for my next big break in the…


Dear April – Book Love

Since April started, I’ve been challenging myself to do “April Love Letters” based off of this daily prompt graphic put together by Susannah Conway. For April 6th, the topic is “Dear Books,” which has been a very current and exciting topic for me recently. I can’t stop buying/reading/talking about books. It helps that I have…


My Relationship with Comic Books

My earliest memory of being in a comic book store was in the era of pogs. My brother and I sifted through these giant bins of them, my little purple container full up with pogs that I could not even begin to tell you what they looked like today. If I really think about it, probably…


Merry Christmas!

I know I know I haven’t updated in a bit, but it’s because I’ve been enjoying family, a little time off of work, friends and best of all – food.    While I’m surely good a baking, maybe decorating isn’t one of my strong suits. This guy is wearing a snuggie, on purpose of course….


Why you need to read Nimona

With my current job, I get a commute. The commute can either be an hour and a half drive sit in traffic or an hour of a little driving, and mostly sitting on a train or shuttle bus to my place of employment. I choose the latter, where I get to read fabulous books and…


I Might Be Weird on the Internet

Felicia Day. Resident Internet nerd queen, NYT best selling author, accidental entrepreneur with a 4.0 and the fabulous actress who has been kissed by fire. Also my hero/spirit animal. I’ve been admiring Felicia Day going on 3 years now, and I’m way late to the bandwagon. I somehow missed the initial blow up of “The…

Weekend Roundup

This Weekend I… Finished reading the Scott Pilgrim series. So adorable. Highly recommend. There are enough interesting differences between the six graphic novels and the movie that you’ll want to love both a whole lot if you don’t already. Kim Pine is my jam. Made some Nutella cookies I mean… what kind of weekend would…