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(Header image: Schöfferhofer Grapefruit from EPCOT Germany. Already missing that sweet refreshingly fruity taste.)

January didn’t go never goes as planned. Death in the family, busy times with work and life, catching up with people who were too busy to see around the holidays, trying to start a local group – phew. Here’s a rundown:

  • First – I’m still a Hufflepuff (phew, identity crisis avoided).  I went to Orlando this past weekend with my husband to celebrate 10 whole years of relationship (wow). We’re calling it our Janniversary so we don’t get it confused with our wedding anniversary. EPCOT was amazing and full of bier, whiskey and moroccan food. Harry Potter World did not disappoint either; Diagon Alley was absolutely magical, if not insanely crowded because we accidentally went during Harry Potter weekend. No celeb sightings, just massive crowds. Here’s a two pictures of us you totally wanted to see:
    12662563_10205545220334599_283809784406078454_n 12650308_10205565668685795_1078956805_n
    I got Luna’s wand, my husband got Sirius’. Solid purchases.
  • Second – My gaming profile is the exact opposite of my husband’s, no surprise. Thanks Geek and Sundry for posting this, really neat breakdowns.
  • Third – Part of my Hannah Hart inspired “cinnamon goals” this year is to make more friends locally. Ones that I can call up on a “school night” and hang out with. Not only did I discover Geek Girl Brunch and International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club through Distracted Blogger‘s neat interview posts, but I read about this new thing called Hey! VINA today which is supposedly Tinder for making girlfriends locally. That’d be nice – but it’s not in Fairfield county yet. Neither is Geek Girl Brunch, but I’m trying to start a chapter here, so if you’re interested please please let me know!
  • Fourth – Next weekend I’ll be helping my friend Midge run her table at the Galentine’s Day craft fair in Brooklyn. Bring a box of feminine hygiene products to support #thehomelessperiod charity and be a good samaritan.
  • Fifth – This year is the year of travel for me. This month I’ll be flying down to Savannah, GA for a very long overdue visit to my personal Leslie Knope. April I’ll be in Asheville, NC for a family event and then in Boston a weekend later for PAX East. June brings Maryland, September maybe Maine, October Amsterdam and India… good luck trying to find me!
  • Sixth – I just purchased Grace & Style because Grace Helbig is an absolute gem, along with Mamrie Hart’s You Deserve A Drink and Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, a recommendation from Felicia Day I heard her mention somewhere in her internet-verse, I think during the launch of the G&S twitch channel. Other books still on my list to read? Armada by Ernest Cline – and if you have not read his book Ready Player One go read it immediately, A Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin (I was reading every day on the train, but then school started back up and all of the seats went away).
  • Seventh – I’m working on this pretty cool game concept with some crazy smart folks down in VA. If you like learning, games and both at the same time – check out the indiegogo campaign and toss us a few bucks.

So that’s what’s going on with me – what about you guys? What should I look forward to for the rest of February? Do you read things?
Maybe I’ll finally put up the recipe for French Silk Pie. I want to make one for V-Day.

I’ll leave you with this. Cheers!
<3 Rhi


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