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Since April started, I’ve been challenging myself to do “April Love Letters” based off of this daily prompt graphic put together by Susannah Conway. For April 6th, the topic is “Dear Books,” which has been a very current and exciting topic for me recently. I can’t stop buying/reading/talking about books. It helps that I have about an hour of commute time I can dedicate to books, but even after hours I’m really loving the calmness of sitting down with something to stimulate my me-ness.

If you walk through my house, you’ll see a ton of books in every genre.


Whoops, sorry that’s a cat.


In the past few years or so, my love for reading has rekindled itself after I realized that reading was not in fact a chore or homework, but something I could enjoy so long as I picked out something that I liked. What a novel concept (no pun intended).

At first I only had recipe books since I love to bake so much – oh really, what gave it away.
Now I have a list of books to read that is so long it could keep me busy for months. I certainly take after my mother, putting them in piles with the intention of “I’ll get to you soon – promise!”


I’ve written a few posts on this blog so far about Nimona, Felicia Day’s autobiography and my relationship with comics, and I fully intend to write more about them in the future. The one that I’m reading now that I cannot get enough of is The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy. My husband is concerned about how much I like it.


Can’t imagine why.

I’m super stoked to add Hannah Hart’s second book that she announced yesterday to my collection soon – go preorder it! (Not a sponsor, just a harto fan). As you can see from some of the other books I’ve pictured, I love my youtubers and their books, even if I haven’t gotten to reading some of them yet.


I want to have a collection of classics, but the few that I have right now are just fine with me.


I’m also a designer, and one that kept most of her books from school (plus a few of my sisters’). I have far too many back issues of design magazines, and a lot of the books I have here are how to approach art and design -without- a computer or social media, which is a seriously enlightening thought. A lot of these books aren’t even 10 years old yet, and they tell you to potentially email someone at best. How cute. These books really help when I’m stuck in a creative rut and I need to find some activity or exercise to get my mind working again.

Books are wonderful. The smell, the feeling, the knowledge and inspiration that runs through you as you read page after page. I can’t tell you how many typography class topics I made up in my head after reading Just My Type, or how many new blog ideas I came up with after reading Blog Inc. I love falling into Alice in Wonderland time and time again when I get too sick of characters getting killed off in Game of Thrones. I’m eating up head and heart direction from my Soul Searcher’s handbook, and I cannot wait to get into Ernest Cline’s latest book since I couldn’t shut up about Ready Player One. I made both of my parents read it. Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series was the first fantasy series that I really resonated with (sorry Potterheads, that series comes second as much as I love it), and I didn’t see the movie cause I heard it was awful.

I judge books by their cover. But I’m a designer, so in part I’m supposed to. I love books. It just took me a while to realize that I did. Thanks, books, for being a series of really wonderfully organized words and pictures.

What books are you reading right now that you can’t suggest enough to people? What are your favorite classics that you’ll never give up? Leave me book love in the comments.

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