December Reflections 2016 Day 3: Fav Photo

I hate the word favorite. Mostly because it means that you have to pick one thing that you love the most, and it’s never that easy for me.

I mean, my favorite ice cream is chocolate peanut butter, but do I only eat that? No. Well mostly. Maybe this is a bad argument.

If I had to pick a favorite photo from this year, it would be the featured picture for this blog post, but I have a few others (that happen to be from the same trip) that would make my top few pics list.

The featured picture is the most carefree I’ve been in probably years. I was with my husband on Kauai, Hawaii. We went on a mostly spontaneous trip that we had booked just to go away somewhere three weeks prior. As much as I loved our honeymoon, I felt like taking a trip to San Francisco wasn’t as much of a cliche as I wanted it to be. I felt like I had cheated myself out of a tropical vacation, and Ram had always said that Hawaii was too far, why would we go there when we can just go to Bermuda or somewhere closer?

Well. Zika happened. So I wasn’t into it. And it’s fucking Hawaii so why wouldn’t you want to go?

Kauai was unreal. It was relaxing, it was breathtaking, and it was everything I wanted it to be. While we were on the trip, we were trying to find ways to come back again. Man do I wish I could get another burger from Bubba’s. So delicious…

img_9205 This picture was taken after we went on our second hike of the trip. Hike. A second one! Something I didn’t think I’d be doing on a vacation, yet there we were. I was excited and terrified to be on all fours at some points, 20 feet away from the edge of a cliff.

Listen. This was big for me. I am overweight and don’t find myself very active in my everyday life. Not for lack of wanting to be, because sure I’d love to be able to go for a casual mile run without needing to stop to walk after 10 seconds of jogging, I just can’t find the motivation. It’s not there. I’ve never been active, and as a kid I wanted to be good at sports, but was always benched because I wasn’t good at them. So it’s hard for me to want to be active. Bad excuses, I’m a terrible adult. At least I pay my bills.

I could do this. It was hard, and scary at some points, but I did it. This was so insanely satisfying.

I climbed over rocks and scaled a dusty mountainside for this photo. I got to sit on a rock at a hard to reach waterfall twice while I was on Kauai and I was sweaty and hot and completely satisfied about it. Minus the insane amounts of mud and moodiness I had about the first hike we took. We had to kayak to get there. There was so much mud. It was a lot.

I’m just proud. This is the exact reason why I’d rather be spending money on experiences than items at this point of my life. Keepsakes are great and all, but a lot of the things I’ve bought to this point end up being clutter, and I don’t have a story to tell about them (for the most part).

img_9329Okay, here’s the last image. This was the last place we stopped on our trip, and I made us stop. Not only because it says my name and how often does that happen *COUGH NEVER COUGH,* but because it was a metaphysical store and I am so all about that at right now, I couldn’t pass it up.

I learned that Rhiannon is the goddess of the moon, and bought a moonstone ring that has quickly become part of my regular rotation.

I learned that someone else named Rhiannon had also walked into that shop the day before, so my ability to gloat to the shop owner dissipated rapidly.

I felt like the universe was telling me that this was the right place for us to go, right before I started my new job.

I was just all types of happy.

So these are my favorites, and easily some of the most satisfying things I did this year. It makes me happy to think back on them, and how we spend this whole trip just doing new things in a new place neither of us had ever experienced. The best part was that we got to do it together.

See you tomorrow!

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