December Reflections Day 1: On The Table

Welcome to the first in a 31 day series called December Reflections. I’m using this as a way to disconnect from my workaholic-ness and spend time with myself over the next month to round out my year and come back to center. Here’s a link if you’re interested in playing along! 

2016 has been a rough one for a lot of us.
Election coverage and results, worldwide violence and discrimination, and for me I think, celebrity deaths. In my mind, I think it’s all the most valuable members of our elite legends saying “screw this I’m out” to Earth to move on to better opportunities elsewhere. I’m looking at you Bowie, Prince & Rickman. I hope you’re keeping my Grandparents company.

But this doesn’t include what’s on the table now does it?

So… on the table here I have a few of my favorite things.

  • Tea: to calm me down and relax with at night
  • Notebooks (specific ones, that I’ll get into in a minute): Where I write all my listicles and keep track of all the crazy things going on in my brain. I have enough notebooks at this point to build a fort for my cats, I don’t know if I’ll need to ever buy a new one again. But I love it. The artist in me will forever love a new notebook.
  • Cookies: Because who would I be without my baking habit?

This year, my “table” has changed a lot. By table, I mean more of what I have on my plate. Another analogy, but this is my interpretation.
Between now and January, I traveled, got laid off (while on my first business trip), freelanced, traveled, got a new job… and today was more change. Good change.

So, for those of you who don’t know, in September I made the jump from full time graphic designer to social media & digital marketing consultant. It’s something I’ve been very passionate about, but it’s certainly a pretty big shift in my day to day work. I actually had a local tarot reader tell me that while my new job would still require me to design, it wouldn’t be it’s sole focus, and she was completely right. And I couldn’t be happier. I don’t know that I was ever totally right to only be a designer – I probably don’t have the ego or the patience for it to be honest with you, but it’s not to say I don’t still love it.


Those notebooks were from a company wide meeting we had today. I work for ReedPOP, a company that runs a lot of pop culture focused conventions like NYCC, and the batman one was a gift. The meeting was a basic rundown of the business, what we’re going to focus on in the upcoming year, and how we’re going to make changes to improve the way our business works. A standard business meeting, with a huge twist. I could tell from the looks of some of the people in the room with me that this was not their ideal, but I am a creature of change and I could not be more optimistic about how this twist will play out.

More importantly, as I have only been with the company for 12 weeks, I could tell that with the way the meeting was run and with all the people in the room, the upper management and the people on my level, I couldn’t be happier with the place I’m at. I see passion pouring out of them, I see opportunities where I can learn, and I see a lot of really genuine goodness in this business. I am ecstatic at the opportunities I’ve been given, and I intend to bring as much good work to their table as I can. (Look – I brought it full circle!)

This year has been an interesting one, but I feel that what I have on the table in front of me is comfort and opportunity. I thrive on being a part of something bigger, and I am just happy and humbled to be allowed to be a part of it.

See you tomorrow!

(Man, it really felt good to write)

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