December Reflections Day 2: Light

This picture shows me in my typical environment.

Well. One of them.

What I like though, is there are a lot of things that are kind of fun to think about when you look at this picture.

  1. You never quite get to see your own computer face. While yes, I was posing a bit for this, it’s kind of funny/awful to realize how I look when I’m just staring at one side of a screen sharing my inner workings, looking like a dope.
  2. There are little details about this picture to help you learn about me. Like the scar on my thumb. Or whatever color my hair is right now. Or that I didn’t bother to put on make up today, and the tree we so lovingly put up is not turned on right now. The divot in that couch cushion where my cats sleep. My sweet ass laptop keyboard that does not belong to a mac.

A few things about light that I find interesting

  1. Light shows us color, which is actually the absence of light. So my red shirt is everything but red, so it reflects red? Something like that. It’s a mind fuck.
  2. The best light for a human being to be seen in is candle light.
  3. The most offensive thing to have on a table is an unlit candle, according to a silly game I played with some friends.

I appreciate light in a way I can’t capture. Like driving home at night and seeing my fingers tapping on my steering wheel, seemingly moving the dashboard lights behind them and the depth of field that creates with my headlights. Don’t worry, I’m still focusing on the road. Everyone calm down.

I love the way the light looks in my office in the basement when I turn my lampsĀ on, and I’m a bit of a troll in the way that I prefer to sit in the dark with a light screen instead of bright lights surrounding me. Or the single lamp I’d rather have on when I remember how good it feels to do yoga. I like even now seeing the fine details in my hand while I type, seeing the lines and the wrinkles, the small pores in the back of my hand.

Light is a gift. I love and appreciate it during the summer, and as an adult have learned to soak up as much of it as I can. I try very hard to be outside during the day (when I can) so I can experience daylight.


As much as I talk about light in a deeper sense, I still can’t take life too terribly seriously.

See you tomorrow.

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