December Reflections Day 26: Nourish

My decision not to write for 16 days has not been intentional, as I’ve written a quick blurb on most of my posts about the day at hand.

This one just happens to need more of a platform.

Today, the day after Christmas, Boxing Day, Monday… it was a day of coming down from the prior running around for holiday nonsense.

In the past year or so, I’ve picked up on comic book reading. For whatever reason, I decided that it was finally time for me to dive head first into reading comics. If you’re interested in the backstory, I have one here. Aside from that, I’ve steadily found new stuff that I like, and now have resources in people I work with to help me figure out what I might like/should read just for general pop culture knowledge.

Today, I tried to limit my screen time so I could get some solid reading done. I finished All-Star Superman which got steadily better through the chapters. I finished Saga trades 5+6 which were insanely good and I cannot wait for trade 7 because Brian K. Vaughan knows what he is doing god damnit. I don’t remember the last time I loved a story so much.

I also finally finished Good Omens. A book that I was told I would love, ranted and raved at about how good it was and how it was a slow start and it would get better towards the end. 300 pages in and I was still struggling to turn the next page, anxiously awaiting another paragraph break.

Listen. It’s not that it was a bad book. I genuinely enjoyed the story, I thought it was intriguing. The attention to detail was great, because I felt transported every time a character was in a specific place. The issue was that it never lasted long enough for me to sink my teeth into. Every paragraph break felt like a jump cut in a TV show to another scene (which I mean, it basically was)… but I felt like once I was finally comfortable in the scene with these characters, or had gotten a grasp as to what the characters meant at that particular point in the book, we moved on.

All in all, the story was good, but I would not recommend the book. I would recommend this as a TV show.

I have a lot of book readers in my life, and all of them are extremely passionate about their loves/hates. Like, I hated Fangirl. Hated it. Because the ending was absolute garbage, and I felt horrible for the next 2 hours after I finished the book. As I sit here it is burning in my head that it’s sitting on my bookshelf and I meant to put it in my donations pile, which I will promptly do after this.

Though as of now, I’ve found that a handful of the recommendations I’ve gotten have not really added up. Saga being the exception, because it is exceptional. Good Omens? Not that into it. Fangirl I was appalled. Superman? Same pop-culture story, now I just understand who Jimmy Olsen is a bit better.

I digress. The whole nourishment piece to this is that I feel a little bit more enlightened as I read these books. Not only that, but in doing work for BookCon for my job, I feel disingenuous if I haven’t read the books I’m tweeting about. I’d rather know the backstory and understand the premise so I don’t look foolish when I say Voldemort is a hero. (Don’t be ridiculous, I’ve read Harry Potter…) Today I read that Elon Musk likes to read. Most major figures in our society today take time to read, even though it seems like they wouldn’t have the time. So if they have time, so do I. And Comics do count. It is known (it is known).

Maybe see you tomorrow?

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