December Reflections Day 6: In The Air

The whole day I’ve just had “I can feel it coming in the air tonight… oh lawwwwd” stuck in my head. Thanks Phil, you’re a real pal.

You know what’s in the air right now? Change. A lot of it. For me!
But first, tea.

I’m about to have a new focus at work. There’s some internal shuffling around that I’m really excited for. There have been a lot of conversations, a lot of thinking, and a lot of opportunities to change everything and make things better. I’m pumped. I thrive on change. I just want it all to happen, now!

Tea calms me down. I’ve been in a heavy rotation of 2 cups of Earl Grey a day. How do I take it? Milk and the smallest bit of sugar.
I love the steam. I love the pour of the milk clouding up in my cup. The visual is my vision of perfection. Everything just comes together perfectly.

Anyway. Tea steam is in the air. Change is in the air. Good vibes are in the air.

See you tomorrow.

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