December Reflections Day 8: On The Ground

There are so many things I love about the ground & the idea of being grounded.

No static shocks.
*Liz Lemon eye roll*

I somehow forgot to tell you about my trip to Savannah, where I wore a beanie in February and it was probably too warm for it, but my hair was done for and I just needed the support.

I forgot to tell you about how weird it was for myself and my travel bestie Midge to walk around in public with open beers.

I forgot to tell you how awesome it was to see all the places and locations my Savannah local bestie Caila had been telling me about for the past 8 years. Meeting some of the folks she spends her days with, seeing the bar she’s a regular at, actual PROOF that she is real life Leslie Knope and knows at least one person in a 50 foot radius of her.

I forgot to mention that the chalk drawing I happen to be sitting on is actually Bernie Sanders, and I chose to sit right on his mouth. And that a majority of the chalk artists down there were convinced that Ted Cruz is in fact the Zodiac killer.

12804853_10205706761453026_3590873849305043823_nI forgot to tell you about the matching tattoo I now have with Caila, that conveniently does three things: The tattoo is the number 111, which is the number of my HS art classroom, so memories. It’s set in the typeface “Georgia” which is where I was at the time, and 111 add up to 3 (and are 3 numbers) and it’s my 3rd tattoo!

What I didn’t forget? Was how grateful I was to have taken that trip to spend a weekend with my friends. How awesome it was to spend time in a new city that took practically no effort to get to (okay a little effort), and got to hang around by the water and the town square, appreciating art and food and beer and laughs. And how badly I’d like to go back.

On the ground makes me think “wheels on the ground” which makes me think of travel. It just so happened I traveled a long distance to sit on this particular ground, so it works out perfectly.

See you tomorrow.

P.S. I love how I look like a gnome in this picture. Just saying.

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