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I decided two things for myself early this year. One was that I was going to travel a lot more – turns out that was more true than I thought it would be. I’m traveling 8 of the 12 months of this year so far and it’s only February.

The second was that I was going to do a better job of finding myself. High school was the last “sure thing” I had in my life – I knew 100% I was going to become a designer and proceeded to go to college for it. Then college happened. It was mildly okay from the “are you sure you want to do this” mindset, and I mainly didn’t change major because of money. I knew I was going to like what I was studying enough that I could manage to get through a degree. So photography and becoming a pastry chef got put on the metaphorical back burner. Since graduation my mind has been a never ending flux of “find your dream job, why aren’t you doing this, living here, studying again, starting a business, getting in touch with your roots, you’re so young…” Woah. Calm down. Or shut up. Either one.

I found out about this great service called Mindfulness Box in a moment of “google: box of cool meditation stuff to help me figure out my all of me.” I thought if there was a solid way of me learning how to calm the eff down, it would be a short subscription to this – learn a little bit on how to align my chi and be on my way.

Now I’m hooked.

Table of goodiesSee… this is part of my front table. Cute plates covered with rocks. Rocks that do things. Some that look like accidental dildos and are called “wands,” some leaves that you burn to ground yourself and clean your energy, and a few stones . P.S. 90% of this picture is from Mindfulness Box, the other 10% split between myself and my Aunt who is also into this “woo woo” stuff as she calls it.

I feel like I’ve gone completely off the deep end here, but let me explain.

I’ve never really been the religious type. I believe some higher being(s) are looking out for us, I believe we go somewhere awesome when we die and come back later, and I believe in karma – put good vibes out and they’ll come back to you. In late December/January I desperately was looking for something to believe in instead of letting myself just believe in life, naturally. Thanks to a heart to heart with a friend, I took a step back and realized that maybe I don’t need it, and I’ll find it when I do.

These stones are blowing my mind though. I have had a few interesting physical and mental experiences with some of the pictured stones that just can’t be coincidence, and I think that’s pretty cool.

So for February’s box, I got some pretty nice stuff. Pictured above you see the Lavender Sage bundle that I have yet to break into, but is meant to help clear your house of bad juju and bring love and protection in. The main photo is the little bundle of stones including some rose quartz and amethyst, on top of the flower grid – meant to inspire love and happiness and how they all intertwine.

Love potionYoga Postcards

Then we have a love potion – a roller of pleasant smelling stuff that I’ll probably throw in my bag for a pick me up in the middle of the day. Husband approved. The yoga postcards were neat and I think I’m going to hang them up in my little meditation corner in my house, so I can have some wall decor and some extra inspiration while I’m doing my thing.

Not pictured: Vegan Chocolate Truffles from Nicobella Organics that I ate and were so good I’m not even a little sorry I can’t show you.

I really love this box. It’s truly a gift to myself in more ways than just getting a box of surprises once a month. A few months ago I would not have picked out any of this stuff on my own, in fact I still wouldn’t just because I don’t know where I would look, but I’m 100% enjoying this new world of goodies. Some palm stones that are meant to help calm you down, incense that might fill your kitchen with smoke if you’re overly excited about it, wishing paper that disappears in smoke (on purpose), a positive mug for tea and hot cocoa or a little bite of happiness and a meditation to go along with it. All really amazing things that are a really nice way to invest some time into a week night and spend a little time with me, myself and I.

I’ve been subscribed for at least 6 months and I have yet to get anything in this box I don’t like. Maybe some things I’m unfamiliar with, but the best part is that there’s a little card that comes in every box to explain the sentiment behind the items chosen and how best to use them in your life.

I am in no way affiliated with Mindfulness box, this is purely me just enjoying what they are doing and how they’re helping me make my life a little more mine. If you decide to subscribe, leave me a comment with your favorite quote or mantra to help get you through the day. Or do it anyway!

<3 Rhi

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  1. That box sounds really interesting – there really are sub boxes for pretty much anything right now. I’m glad you’ve found one that’s resonating with you so much 🙂

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