Listomania: Food Disasters

We’ve all been there. Those times where we just wanted to make something delicious, and all the way through the process we’ve hit road blocks and disasters. I’ve collected my (least) favorites, but feel free to add your own!!

  1. Runny Frosting
    Noooooooooo… I didn’t think it would be too much milk…
  2. Having almost enough of or almost all of the ingredients you need
    Did you say two or three eggs… cause we only have two. Wait it’s not a half cup of milk, it’s a whole cup? Okay so I have everything but… evaporated milk? Who even has that on hand!!
    Espresso? But I don’t drink coffee, why would I have that?!
  3. The sinking ship
    Cookies spread out too much? Concave cupcakes? But I thought I mixed it just right… or maybe not enough. I thought I kneaded this bread the right way, who even knows how to do this?! Why do my cookies look like elephant knees!
  4. Baking powder – no soda, both?
    Which is which, oh god. Can’t you make one with the other? Or is it that you can use more of one if you don’t have the other… where does cream of tartar fit into all of this? Is this expired? Ugh.
  5. In one bowl… in another bowl.. in a third bowl…
    Have you ever left one of those bowls out on a bad day? I totally have. It will seriously send you over that final edge and you’ll just want to sit on the floor and give up. Cookies taste better without flour, right?
  6. Ya got burned
    Reach into the oven to check cake, burn yourself. Touch pan too soon after taking it out of the oven, burn. Forget the pan was in the oven and try to lift it? Burn. Smoke too much weed and forget to get an oven mitt before taking your lasagna out? Definite burn.
  7. The scoop and drip
    Yes! I’ve made it through this whole process without spilling any sugar or flour, my pan looks beautiful and nothing will burn onto it so it’ll be easy to clean.. one last… NO. Oh come on.
  8. Not having the right tools
    A pastry cutter… who even uses that? I have a fork I’ll be fine.
    Pop over pan? For me to use once? Nah I don’t think so.
    What’s the difference between an ice cream maker and my freezer? Probably nothing.
  9. Having too much “help”
    Oh can you break those eggs…wow have you ever cracked an egg before? The goal is to not get shell in there…
    …Here pour in a tablespoon of this and a teaspoon of that… no not that!
    This is why we can’t have nice things.
  10. Knowing you failed even before you bake
    Okay so that picture and this don’t quite match up… that color is off, my texture is really runny and they said it would be thick… Lumpy is a good texture for baking, right? I like lumpy cookies…
  11. (Bonus!) Mixing in the wrong order
    Wait.. so why do I have to put the vinegar and the baking soda in together? Psh, science.
    Oh hang on, I was supposed to add this at the end?
    The chocolate chips don’t go in first? Well they’re the most important part! Of course they do! Wait they melted them? What?!

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