Graze for Days

Have you heard of graze? The magical sub-box that sends you delicious and innovative snacks to your door? For your to eat, rate and get again?

I hadn’t heard about this service before last week, but thanks to some podcast sponsoring for Grace Helbig, I got to try it! I don’t know if I that sentence was promoting Grace or graze. Damnit, this is my blog. #TooDeep

graze is a subscription box service that sends you individually portioned snack foods! Who doesn’t love snacks? They cater to your tastes and you can select how frequently you get the boxes from once a week, once every two weeks and once a month. Cool!

I ended up getting two boxes on the same day – one box was the 4 snack promo box that I got from Grace, and the other box I got was their standard 8 snack box. I put in some of my taste preferences, I tried to be more open minded about my snacks – I’ve got a pretty bad sweet tooth (hence the whole baking blog thing) so I decided to put in that I was up for salty snacks too. No spicy snacks though, because I’m a weenie.

I’m excited to try out the snacks in this box because there was a good mix of a little of everything! I also like the term “banana coin” for the beach bum snack because it makes the bananas sound a lot more exciting than bananas typically sound.

And here was my second box – slightly taller (since they have two sets of four snacks stacked on top of each other). Let’s dive in…or chow down? Take a bite out of … nevermind.

IMG_5277 IMG_5278

Look at all those snacks…!

The amount of variety that these boxes offer is really interesting, and the snacks themselves are really appealing! I like this service because it allows you to slowly go outside of your comfort zone with introducing different food options that you might not have picked up otherwise. There are also specific sets of snacks you can order if you have specific dietary goals in mind; whether you’re calorie counting, or looking for some extra protein in your day! Snacking is power.

Once you’re done snacking on all of these things, you can go back up to the graze website and rate which ones your liked or didn’t like, and they will cater better snacks to you – so it can only benefit you to be active about snack-rating! So far I’ve liked every snack I’ve eaten, and have immediately been wondering when I can get more. Maybe like, now.

Each graze box is $11.99, which if you think about it, is roughly how much snacks would cost at the store and you can either pick them out yourself or be surprised!

If you use the code “RZ6J9MGHB” when you order, you can get your 1st and 5th boxes free!!

Let me know if you get graze or any other snack boxes in the comments. I’ve toyed around with a subscription to munchpak, so if you’re into it convince me!

Disclaimer: I am in no way sponsored by graze, I just liked their product enough to write about it. 

P.S. I’m on my way up to Portland, ME today!!
Tell me all the places I should go and things I should do in the comments. 🙂

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