Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Color Me Uncorked!

So if you didn’t know, this blog is big on food photography (since this is my way of practicing it,) and I wanted to extend this invitation to anyone who might love cooking and taking photos!

All you need to do is take a photo of your deliciously colorful meal inspired by colors of (or even including) Campo Viejo wine and you could win a dinner for you and 10 of your friends cooked by Anthony Sasso (seen in the video below, he’s cute! I’d want him to cook for me ;D)

Anthony Sasso, “Belly with Urchin” from Eater NY on Vimeo.

So yeah, if you want a cute guy to cook for you and some friends, I recommend entering this contest. I shared the link on my facebook, but also go like/enter on the Campo Viejo page.

GOOD LUCK! And invite me over if you win! I’ll bring dessert 😉

Disclaimer: I am in no way paid to be promoting this! I just think it’s a really cool prize!

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