The time has come…

The Walrus said, to talk of many things…

Since my 21st birthday, I’ve been blogging about my baking over on tumblr.

My blog started as an outlet for me to practice photography and post my excessive pictures of cupcakes without driving my facebook feed crazy. At some point, I realized that I could be sharing the recipes I find/use for other people to make their own tasty treats. It changed the way I approached my blog. People actually cared about what I was making, who knew?

Eventually, I found foodgawker, and was able to start a little gallery on there. I fought through the denials and the “low lighting” comments, and I’ve been able to learn more and more about trying to be a better photographer.

Then life happened. I graduated college, I got my first job (and my second and third jobs) and I grew up a little. I stopped having so much time to bake and post, even though I stress bake like crazy, I found that I wasn’t home when the light was good and learning to take care of yourself as a human became more important, so blogging became a weekend activity, if I even got to it.

I got married. I bought a house. I couldn’t be happier.

So here I am, 26 and trying to find myself. Every post I made, every picture I took – I found I had reached a plateau.  I wanted to change the way I approached my blog, and take more control over what I’m posting and how.

I’m treating this as a fresh beginning. I’m updating my brand with a new look, I’m going through old recipes and getting inspired to rephotograph and recreate. I’m excited to share new and old content with you, and I’m excited to show a bit more of the nerd and designer in me to the world.

Welcome to the new bakerhi.

(P.S. – You’ll see that this blog has a pretty big menu with not a lot of content yet. As I repopulate my site, you’ll see everything fill up, but if you can’t wait for me to move my recipes & old posts over to this site, check out my old site for my whole recipe backlog!)

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