Hi loves

I’ve missed you. A few of you didn’t stick it out this week, it’s a shame ):
I have bronchitis (boo!) which is why I haven’t done much for you lately.
Also, it’s been very busy at work. Late nights all week long.
My excuses are weak! I digress. 

I bought this book today at crate and barrel. I fully intend to bake some of these tomorrow and take pictures for you. We’re also looking for a new table, so my backdrops won’t be so white anymore (soon, very soon) But I will be baking tomorrow because tonight I’m watching Dr. Who and flailing my arms at the TV. I actually kind of look like this:


I just finished this episode, actually. Do I have any whovian followers?
Also, I’ll be at New York Comic Con next Saturday, anyone going?

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