How I Relate Real Life to Gaming

Over the course of my 26 years on this earth, there are several games that I have played that I imagine happening in my real life. I’ve also started using gaming metaphors for my daily life. UI’s are leaking into my brain when I close my eyes, it’s a designers virtual reality dream.

Basically my life is Scott Pilgrim, but without the extra lives, exploding people turning into coins and the sweet sweet power up graphics. A girl can dream.

Also have you ever accidentally said delete out loud while throwing something away? That’s awkward.

  1. Clearing the Mini Boss, getting ready for the Level Boss.
    This morning I was working on a project that had to go through a series of approvals, and I equated the mini boss with the first round, then realizing I still had the big boss to get approvals from. Mini accomplishments for now, but soon to be leveling up!
  2. Sims conversations & health bars
    Are you ever in a conversation that seems to repeat itself? Or something that you feel is taking segmented turns and your loss of interest makes you want to walk away. Ever have a roommate that has a friend over and instead of hanging out the whole time you go do things on your computer and then go to bed without interacting with them? I constantly imagine a little green bar above my head that drains or fills depending on my situation. The things that Sims do that I find hilarious are scarily accurate to the way I react in my actual daily routine. If you give your sim the “excitable” trait, they clap and bounce a little, which is exactly what I did when I saw you could give them the trait. My husband witnessed that and laughed his face off.
  3. Errand Quests 
    This also happens to be at work, but when you go on a wild goose chase asking for answers to a particular question, it is exactly the same as a “I need you to bring this letter to so and so” followed by “oh so and so isn’t here, try over by the local shop!” and then “Oh, you just missed them! I think they were off to the bar..” Except, the people I’m asking at work don’t have beacons on a map or !‘s over their head. This is reminiscent of “your princess is in another castle” syndrome as well.
  4. Trophies & Badges
    At this point most people know there are apps that incentivize use through badges/achievements/trophies like Fitbit, Swarm & Superbetter for encouraging you to do things that will better your everyday life. This is the closest thing I can get to feeling like I’m a video game character that I need to build the stats for. So instead of teaching my FFXIV character how to fish and leveling that like crazy by itself, I can also pace around my couch and hit my daily step goal for a real life accomplishment. Multitasking the achievements, people.
  5. +1 Dexterity
    Not that I do this often, but sometimes I think about what I’m wearing and how it will effect what I’m doing that day, which is a normal human thing to do: you don’t want to wear converse when it’s raining. However, some things increase your speed, your mobility and respectability. If you show up to a corporate event in a baseball hat, you’re going to have -2 respect for that day. If you have to run for a train and you forgot your belt, it’s like you’ve cast a slowing spell on yourself. I think it’s funnier to think of it in a way that’s similar to equipping armor to a character instead of  “oh damn I was an idiot and wore flip flops in the rain.”

How do you see your life gamified? Do you bounce back and forth like a street fighter character when waiting for someone to make the first move? Cause I’ve also totally done that. Leave me love notes in the comments!

<3 Rhi, who is unfortunately not a video game character with the rosebud;!;!;! cheat.

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