I Buy Pretty Things #002

Guys – for my second (old) installment of I Buy Pretty Things, I show you some not-so-beautiful pictures of this product called “Unreal” I bought 2 years ago. Since this post they’ve gone under a complete rebrand– and it’s beautiful!

Check out their new packaging & crazy pretty website at the link above, and if you want to subject yourself to an overly shiny package shot inside the post, go for it.

<3 Rhi

Big bold type, black background with nice pops of green, and purple in this case. I picked up “the loaded one” (the snickers knockoff). Considering we all know what Hershey’s and M&M packaging looks like at this point, this is going to stand out due to the fact that the market isn’t completely saturated with it.

lol sad blurry picture
The story behind this company is great – they got a handful of celebrities to talk about how they love candy, but don’t like all the crap they put in it. Smart, why didn’t anyone think of this sooner? Thus this company was born. They have a handful of other candies in the line, like peanut butter cups and m&m-esque candies. Having tried regular snickers and the “loaded” candies in these individually wrapped packs, the only difference I could really taste was that the unreal candies were flatter. Overall, I’d take that as a mission accomplished for sure!

I think the best part about this packaging is that it totally jumped out at me from the shelf. If you pair this next to all of the other candy packaging out there, it doesn’t have a ton of stuff on it, no big swirling designs or flourishing backgrounds, and one BIG taste appeal on the front, low calories and -better for you- candy. It’s still candy though.

Cool! I hope I did this justice, I would definitely buy these again over Snickers.

Celebrity backed, bakerhi approved

(Originally Posted Aug 2, 2013)

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