I Buy Pretty Things #003

I’m not a big drinker, but when I turned 21 I could not have been more excited: I was allowed in liquor/beverage stores. I hardly ever buy beer because I actually only really drink hard liquor (whiskey or bust) – it’s really the packaging I adore.

Aisles and aisles of beautiful designs, all radically different from one another, all in different styles, colors, textures. Sometimes photography, sometimes graphics, sometimes illustrations? A goldmine of inspiration, and the beverage to match.

I love that even the style and size changes from bottle to bottle. From different breweries far and wide. Oh and then there’s the big wigs playing in the indie/small town brewery sandbox as well – Sam Adams isn’t going to miss the party.

There’s so many elements of design in these bottles. The typography, the illustration styles, down to the copy, kind of like how Trader Joe’s brands are pretty “punny.” Awesome eye candy.

The basis of packaging design is really to “sell” the product; to make it appealing and enticing to the consumer, so they pick it up and act like “oh snap I need to have this.” Beer packaging, when done well, is the best kind of advertising they’ve got in my opinion.

I have to say that whenever I pick up a package only on the basis of liking the way it looks, I say to myself “damn, what a good designer. I want to shake this person’s hand.”

In conclusion, packaging is awesome and this stuff makes me wish I liked beer.
<3 bakerhi

(Originally Posted Sept 13, 2013)

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