I Buy Pretty Things #004

There are 3 ingredients alone that will make me buy pretty much anything. But together? In one small little treat?
I pretty much melted right then without even having one to eat.

Let’s talk about it.

So there I was, trying to be healthier and go fresh food shopping at Trader Joe’s – then I saw them.

The most important 3 lines of a girl in need’s life: Dark chocolate? Peanut butter? Salted caramel? In one little truffle? I’m sorry, why was I not consulted immediately when these hit shelves? The packaging speaks for itself, with the most important three ingredients hero-ed at the top, with a dainty little line to remind you that these are ingredients packed into a tiny. decadent. little. truffle.


Trader Joe’s has a great packaging team, full of witty puns and anywhere between a very simple minimalistic package, to an all out artistic approach with illustrations and patterns and whatnot. Notice the hint of brown argyle on the side? Nice touch. I wanted in. Immediately.

Pfft, and they’re shiny? Was I dreaming? How much more external appeal do you need?
Disclaimer: this was my second package because I blew through the first one too fast to remember to take pictures.


That is seriously like, porn. A naked little chocolate lying on a bed ofgold. Excuse me, I’m having a moment.


Do yourself a favor. Buy these. Immediately. Do not share them. Or maybe buy yourself a second pack as a set of stocking stuffers for the holidays. They won’t last that long though, best if you buy them right when you’re about to do that so you don’t eat them all. Chances are you’ve probably still got halloween candy laying around.

This has been a post. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did.

(Originally Posted Nov 4, 2013)

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