I Buy Pretty Things – Hello Kitty Matchamallows

What a missed opportunity. Matchamallows? I’m a genius, obviously.

This package is adorably ridiculous. We’re all familiar with the Sanrio sensation that is “Hello Kitty,” and how she gets her little paws into just about anything. From TV shows to stationery, soap and shoes, she can do it all. So of course, food is not off limits.

Matcha is super trendy right now, so I wasn’t surprised to find this in the store. In fact, I love matcha – so I was stoked to find something like this, and who doesn’t like marshmallows?


These are such funny little marshmallows, they’d oddly pillowy shaped, but remind me of those mints you get at a diner that come out of a giant tipping ball container that is far too old to be in use.


To talk about the package itself for a minute, I picked it up for two reasons: Matcha and Hello Kitty. Curiosity kills the cat (eek, maybe not the right context here). The text fits the product – it’s round and bubbly, and appropriately green to cue the matcha flavor. The window for the product is more effective then the little cross section they have off to the side to make my mouth water, and the illustrated matcha whisk/bowl reinforces the flavor again. I don’t know if it’s necessary, but everything is very carefully balanced on this package between product, flavor and character, so I wouldn’t want to get rid of it.

Something else to note that you can see a bit better in the lead photo for this package is the light flowery pattern it has in the background. It’s almost reminiscent of cherry blossoms, but leans more into a flowery tea pattern. It adds a lightness to the packaging that I believe I would miss if it wasn’t there.


I bit into one of these little guys, and the illustration was spot on. It actually looked a little bit like an eye for a minute and freaked me out. It says “matcha jelly inside” on the package, but for whatever reason I was expecting it to be a creamy matcha on the inside. I experienced some unwarranted disappointment and promptly got over it.

Now, I don’t know what drink these would be good in – I’d assume a hot chocolate would be perfect, but I did not test this theory. If I do I’ll be sure to put it up on my instagram so you can see how they melt. The taste felt kind of disconnected to me with a jellied matcha and a soft fluffy marshmallow, but I love their shape so much I’ll just keep eating them because they’re cute. I would’ve even loved to see these be little cat head shaped, but I have no idea how hard that production is. If they can make peeps the shape they are, I’m sure they can make cat shaped marshmallows.

Japanese packaging always has a ton of clutter, but somehow they make it work. This doesn’t even come close to some of the other packages I’ve seen, but it still shows you a lot of “things” for such a simple product. It may be that it’s eye catching because it’s so vibrant and loud looking, or that it has Hello Kitty on it. Either way, it gets the job done. Unique product, unique marketing, I picked it up. They win!

Disclaimer: I have no connection to this product and this is not an ad, I just thought it was cool and picked it up.

What kind of crazy flavored products have you all picked up and found either great joy or disappointment in? Leave me notes in the comments!

If you’ve seen any other eye-catching products you’d like me to snag to review, leave me a note! 🙂

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