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Happy Summer!

Growing up my parents would buy cases of “Nantucket Nectars” lemonade in the summertime, which were in tall bottles that I admired. Nantucket was where they would go on vacation when it was just the two of them, so maybe the idea of Nantucket is romanced in my head, which makes me love lemonade so much?

What I’m talking about however, is not Nantucket Nectars. This is Hubert’s Lemonade, so if you run into Hubert make sure he gets it. And remember, those are Reese’s Pieces, not yours.

Image from Google
Image from Google

Hubert’s Lemonade has tall bottles like Nantucket Nectars did (see above), so I smiled when I saw it in the store. Lemonade should just be in taller bottles, it is known. It is known. It’s also not a secret that I love non-traditional bottles, so I had to pick these up.


The packaging for this is very simple, which is part of the reason I’m so drawn to it. The label is clear, so it calls attention to the more important element of the package: what is in the bottle. The winking lemon is sweet and playful, which is the nature of lemonade. The logotype is interesting, but not overdone. There’s no need for texture or drop shadows, just simple script and a curve to match the lemon.

The flavor indicators are cute too – really simple and unobtrusive. A line drawing of the fruit resting on the flavor bar maintains the playful and tasty nature of the drink. There’s also a strawberry lemonade, but I polished that off before I took these photos. #sorrynotsorry

Verdict? If you have a refreshing beverage in a unique bottle and rely on being able to see the product to sell the product, you’re already in better shape than most. Less is more, and utilizing the few necessary elements to the best of their abilities is key. This feels homey to me, and lemonade should feel that way. A tall glass (bottle) of lemonade. Perfect.

Just looked at their website – they have half and half? See you guys later, gotta run back to the store.

Disclaimer: I am not a sponsor, nor do I get any kickbacks from this brand. I just like it.

If you see any cool packages, send ’em my way!
<3 Rhi


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