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I mean, I know I have a chocolate problem. Chocolate is hard not to buy normally, but if you put it in a pretty little wrapper I’m just weak in the knees. These chocolate bars looked so magical with their man in the moon logomark, the painterly illustration of a bridge and the confetti of flowers coming in from all the edges. Plus all the colors! I couldn’t say no. I was… moonstruck. (I am Queen of the Pun, thank you very much.)


Moonstruck Chocolate, as I have come to discover through their website, has some storefront cafes in Portland, Oregon and is a gourmet chocolate shop. So yes, they have a wide variety of those little square chocolates that you covet as gifts, but find it so difficult to buy for yourself, as well as some truffles you may have trouble parting with because they’re so cute. From the looks of it, and since I picked these up in my local grocery store here on the East Coast, they have branched out into chocolate bars.


For those of you who are not designers, let me explain the “wallpaper effect” to you. If you can line up all the packages and have a design continue across the front seamlessly, it’s called a “wallpaper effect.” In stores it makes for a consistent brand element across all of your products and is visually pleasing. You can see it on the two pictures above that the bridge remains the same height across all the fronts of the bar, and the waves even flow into each other. Regardless of their color, they’re creating a scene.


What I like about all the packages is that they’re different, but still consistent. Some of the illustration elements change from front to front, and the flavor descriptor moves around the moon man silhouette pretty seamlessly. All of the colors compliment each other and don’t happen to be the color of the food, which is nice. Also, comparatively to most chocolate bar packaging, there is a lot of white instead of brown or black. It’s a nice change of pace.


“To resist is futile.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.


So not only are the wrappers pretty, but the print on the chocolate is too. And of course, the chocolate did taste good – I wouldn’t be writing to you if I didn’t enjoy it.

The “handwritten type” movement is in full swing, and so are all of the fancy flourishes on the tops and bottoms of those letter forms. Because the whole theme is very magical, I can get behind it – it’s not overdone.

Disclaimer: I am not a sponsor of Moonstruck Chocolate, I am just an innocent consumer who enjoyed the product & packaging. 

If you see any neat packages – send them my way!

<3 Rhi

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