How to throw a Mother’s Day Tea Party

Step One: Gather your motherly figures in one space for the day. I have my mom and my husband’s mom, and I invited them both over to my house to throw them a tea party lunch. Neither of my moms “drink” much, so tea was perfect and a nice little fanciness to top off their weekend. Who needs brunch anyway?


Step Two: Have your Dad pick up flowers that match your new hair color, and maybe some for your mother-in-law (to be nice or something). Also get a card to say I love you with! Be nice.


Step Three (but more like step two): Make some involved and simple appetizers for the table. I picked Deviled Eggs and Tomato/Mozz on toothpicks.


Step Four: Make some crazy sandwiches and cut them in interesting shapes with no crusts! I made 6 types of sandwiches: Cucumber w/Cream Cheese, Chicken & Pepperjack, Mozz & Prosciutto, Cream cheese and Jelly, Tuna & Cheddar and Cheddar & Tomato. This took me roughly 2 hours to do, and yes I did nibble on lost crusts.


Step Five: Using a combination of wedding/holiday/birthday/housewarming gifts, items you’ve picked up on sale AND those plates you just HAD to have, make a crazy assortment of dishes on your table, iron your tablecloths/napkins so they look a little less disheveled and create your own little mad tea party. If you haven’t had as many gift-giving events as I have at your current point in life, ask some friends or family to bring over their favorites odds and ends to contribute to the madness.

Step Six: Make some tea and dig into your favorite assortment of sandwiches with your favorite moms.

Step Seven: Probably also make sure you have some fun tea cookies on hand, and make some oreo balls to pass around after your luncheon. 🙂 I recommend Lu Schoolboy cookies and Pepperidge Farm cookies!

Happy Mother’s Day!

P.S. You can use this tea party theme for basically any other event ever. I had a tea party bridal shower and it was wonderful, but you don’t even need to have an event to do this – just pick a fun weekend with some friends and pretend to be fancy! Perfect for unbirthday’s.

<3 Rhi

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