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While I was making my tea the other night, I thought about how most people I know have an excess supply of mugs – but would never really want to get rid of any. I imagine goodwill sees a good amount of mugs with random company logos on them and novelty mugs shaped like an animal or something crazy.

I was thinking about how many stories my mugs hold, and how I’ve really only bought 4 mugs that came with my dishes without considering why I might want those mugs. I can tell you about 80% of my mugs have stories, whether they are short odes to the places I’ve traveled or a nod to another time in my life where I deemed that mug important. Or gifts from people past & present. There’s totally a mug phenomenon too, since Grace Bonney talks about her relationship with mugs in her podcast with Megan Auman. 

For this post, I’ve gathered up some of my favorite mugs.

These are their stories. (dun dun)For the sake of writing, we’ll do this in mug-age order.

IMG_5545 IMG_5544

Mug #1: Bigger-than-your-face mug.

I bought this mug when my husband (then boyfriend) first moved in together. My justification? Everyone needs a mug that can also act as a cereal bowl, soup bowl, ice cream bowl etc… I only really use it for tea, though. There’s a certain satisfaction when a hot beverage can warm your whole face while you’re drinking it. You can still buy it.


Mug #2: What does the fox mug?

One of my bestie’s Victoria bought me this last Christmas. For my wedding I had a fox motif all over my invitations and tables and all that jazz, and when she saw this she knew I had to have it. It’s adorable and I love it, however the foxy does not have a name yet. I am taking suggestions.


Mug #3: Smirk and Mugger

A friend of mine is the head of a little gaming company called “Smirk and Dagger.” He had an event where he was demoing a new game at a local game shop called “Nevermore,” and if you played the demo in the store you got raffle tickets to win some prizes. This mug was one of them! I love the attitude of the mug, since it directly relates to why he makes all his games: to screw over your friends. but have fun while doing it.

So here are 3 of my many mugs to start, but I think this would be fun to do again soon 🙂
Leave comments with some of your favorite mugs & what you love about them.

Bonus Mug:


Just kidding. It’s whiskey.

<3 Rhi

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