My love affair with “The IT Crowd”

As I sit at my kitchen counter watching Netflix with my Half Baked ice cream, all I can think about is how badly I wish “The IT Crowd” kept going. I’m on my 4th rewatch of the show at this point, and I am still laughing.

Favorite Character: It’s Moss. I really want it to be Richard, but Moss easily has my heart. His lines are so perfect, he comes out with all these hysterical nuances that you wouldn’t expect – like stealing a stack of money just to count it, or suddenly becoming the perfect fake husband or bartender. I love the way he plays off the completely inane made-up word in “The Countdown” to the point that when you google “Tnettenba,” people are asking if it’s a legit word.

Richard though… He’s just fabulous every time he walks into the room.

Favorite Episode: It’s gotta be “The Work Outing” S2E1. The fact that both Roy and Moss find themselves in ridiculous situations, having to just keep rolling with the punches, and Jen trying desperately to figure out whether her date is gay or not – at the theater showing of “Gay!” – the musical.

“I’m disabled!”

Favorite Lines and Moments: Yeah I totally can’t pick just one…

Fire – exclamation point!

– Moss writing an email to the fire department, because he can’t remember the phone number…

Just act natural – Relax!

There are a few I can’t find gifs for – like both Roy and Moss running away outside the bar at the end of the “Friendface” episode, or when Jen falls in love with the super weird band member Norman and they’re spinning in the park in the “Something Happened” episode.
Another favorite is when Richard was hooking up with Jen’s friend from the Dinner Party. She was so awkward, and perfect. Everyone leaving with their “couple” match-ups was such a solid ending.

Favorite Prop: I’m putting it in here because I really just love it so much, and I practically never get excited about props in a show, but this little canvas behind Jen’s desk is my favorite.

If anyone knows who the artist is or where I can get a print of it, PLEASE leave a comment it’s totally my favorite and I would love to have one in my office.


So now that I have sufficiently fangirled out over this show that ended 3 years ago, please join me by sharing your favorite gifs and moments, and if you are an IT professional or related to/involved with one and can appreciate this show from Roy/Moss or Jen’s perspective, share all of your thoughts in the comments. Or I’ll come after you just like this:

<3 Rhi

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