Six podcasts I won’t stop talking about

Over the past year, podcasts have slowly taken over all the quiet time I previously had in my life. What started as casual listenings on the train has transformed into errand running, walking to the mailbox and cooking dinner. It’s like I have an earworm to feed, and getting excited about hearing intros has become…

If a Tree Falls in a Forest…?

Yes, I know it’s been a little quiet around here. Turns out “working from home” is just that – who knew? And my Type A personality has contributed to finding several projects that either didn’t need to be done before I made them up, or very outdated projects that should’ve been tended to ages ago….


A Week in the Life

Woke up, got out of bed… In the past week (let’s say since July 3rd, cause that was fun for so many reasons) I’ve gotten a massive amount done. It may help that I’ve switched over to freelance work for the time being, finishing up projects and waiting for my next big break in the…


Peanut Butter Pie

Another recipe redo from your neighborhood bakerhi! About 3 years ago I went and found this delicious recipe and tried to incorporate some photo skills I had a quickie lesson on from a friend. Since then, I’ve actually learned how to work with the light I have and the reflector I so lovingly bought, and there’s…


Chocolate Stuffed Cakemallows

There’s no easy title for these all-encompassing cupcakes. Devil’s food cake + chocolate pudding filling + marshmallow frosting + oreo crumb topping. Cakemallows makes it seems like the cakes are marshmallows, but they’re kinda fluffy cupcakes anyway.. I think this is fine. This little monster from Timid Monsters fame just wants to dive in. Let’s…