PAX East 2016 Expectations

It is April, and aside from it being my birthday month (very important, folks), it is also the month that PAX East is happening in Boston! In a few short weeks I will be surrounded by my people – all of the gamers and nerds on the east coast, waiting on lines to playtest games that are dying to be kickstarted, bought, played and shouted at for being so damn hard to beat. From tabletop card and board games to video games from small and large developers all over the globe, you could basically bring anyone and they would guaranteed find something the would enjoy.

In this post, I’m going to toss up some of the highlights from last year, and what I’m most excited to do this year!

Last year I was doing a bit of writing for a blog that has since taken an extended hiatus with an unforseen return, but I still have several way-too-long posts about what I did at PAX last year up there for reference. Here are some highlights on who I met, some digital games I played, the things I wanted to play, the analog games, and some of the panels I went to.

Highlights from 2015?
My husband and I went to Arcadia National Bar in Portland, ME last year after going to the “Beer, Booze & Board Games” Panel – entirely worth the trip, we had so much fun. Can’t wait to go back in September!

The card games “Just Desserts” and “Superfight” are still high ranking in my house, though I only have the LootCrate version of Superfight. I fully intend to pick up the rest of that game though. Similarly, there was a game we encountered at the first PAX we went to 3 years ago called “A Terrible Time” that was being kickstarted, which we just bought and cannot wait to break out at my birthday shindig at the end of the month. I will report back.

Video Games like “We Happy Few,” “Move or Die,” and “Mini Metro” I’ve kept my eye on – I actually bought Mini Metro when we got home from the con. It’s a very very casual and relaxing game – until of course you run out of train lines. Move or Die has been covered on Markiplier’s stream, and We Happy Few has a very active facebook page so I’m excited to see where that goes. For games like Armikrog (from the same artists as Neverhood) and Tearaway (same devs as Little Big Planet), I just need to go make my purchases. ASAP. Just more motivation for me to get a twitch stream up and running – if only I could sit still.

Expectations for 2016
More tabletop games. Between the first and second year we went, we saw the tabletop section practically double in size. I’m utterly excited to see what new card games are out, the design aesthetic for up and coming games, and how many I can carry home with me.

I’m also really looking forward to panels. I’m currently reading The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy which I cannot recommend highly enough (post coming soon), but I’m hoping that I might make some new friends waiting in line for panels this year, and if the content was even half as good as last years, I’m even more stoked.

I love playtesting games from smaller/one person developer companies. While I get a lot of enjoyment about major platform games, I love the personal touch these people are able to put on their games and how it really comes through as a labor of love. They want you to enjoy their game as much as they do, and it really shows.

One more thing…
Cosplaying. I am usually the one bending over backwards to take a picture of the cosplayers. The only time I did it was when I dressed up as a Team Rocket Grunt way back when I was going to Otakon – before I had realized there were more than just anime conventions around. I thought about dressing up for this one, but I’m unsure of who I want to go as. I was going to make up a casual KK Slider costume, but I’m hesitant. Anyone wanna convince me?

Are you going to PAX East this year? I’d love to say hi! What are you most looking forward to? Leave me love notes in the comments.

<3 Rhi

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