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I have been lucky enough to find a community online called International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club (there’s a link in my sidebar if you’re interested), where people from all over the globe gather and find camaraderie in all things nerdy through snail mail or e-mail. This month they’ve put out a theme (and it’s still April so I’m not late!) called Play with Pixels, and I thought it would be fun to fill out my answers to this wonderfully nerdy series of questions to enlighten my readers a little more about me!

      1. Who is your favorite female video game character, and what makes her especially awesome?
        After giving this some thought (as well as reading IGGPPC Member Stewie’s answer to remind me) I’ll have to go with Chell from the Portal series. Not only did I dress up as her for Halloween one year (see below!), but I identified with her while GlaDOS kept making pudgy remarks at her, her love of companion cubes reminded me of my love of dice, and always striving for the ultimate goal: cake freedom. I meant freedom. Also we had similar hair at the time, so I was very excited. Both Portal and Portal 2 were fantastic games, I highly recommend playing them.

        Look how long my hair was… wow!
      2. MMORPG, sandbox, platformer, strategy, or story mode – What is your favorite game genre or type of game?
        I think the easier question to answer is what kind of games I don’t like. I have come to terms with the fact that really open sandbox games are a little too open ended for my liking – I love structure and story to my games, and those like Minecraft and Terraria tend not to have any. However upon further research, other games I like such as Assassin’s Creed could be considered in that category since they’re open level, but I would put something like that in more of an RPG category. I loved the idea of creating levels in Mario Maker or Little Big Planet, but the possibilities being so endless actually gave me performance anxiety and I backed off. I also really don’t like FPS games. I want to, as there are so many on the market, but I grew up in a house where no shooting games (including Duck Hunt, even though we snuck it in anyway) were allowed. With that sentiment, I have found that any games that pit me against someone else in a fight to the death make me extremely nervous and unable to function. I do enjoy watching things like Red Vs. Blue or other people smack-talking while playing those games. Hilarious.
      3. What was the first video game and/or console you ever owned? (And would it hold up today?)
        Realistically, it was the NES. My Dad bought it and we spent hours playing Tetris & Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros 3, occasionally Duck Hunt when we could sneak that super loud orange and grey gun past my mother for a few minutes of glory, and this insanely creepy Jeopardy game that will haunt my dreams forever. The game system that I identify more with being my first system was the original Playstation, where I played Parappa the Rappa until I beat it, which was the first game I ever completed. I played Crash Bandicoot 2 endlessly with my sibling and fell in love with Spyro the Dragon – until they ruined it after the 3rd game. Skylanders? Come on.
      4. When did your family first get their own personal computer, what kind was it, and what do you remember using it for?
        We definitely had an Apple Macintosh, but also some form of a windows computer – My dad was a tech nerd so we had to have anything that was cutting edge. No idea what brand the windows computer was, but I played this Encarta encyclopedia game like it was my job, whenever my Dad wasn’t playing Doom or Myst. Looking back, I probably shouldnt’ve been watching Doom over his shoulder, but I did anyway. Classy graphics couldnt’ve been that bad for a young kid.
      5. Show us your three favorite pictures shared on Instagram.

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And there you have it – a little bit more about your everyday Rhi.
Do you relate to any of these things? Leave me extra high-fives and your favorite things in the comments.

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