Podcast Spotlight: Beer with Geeks

I’ve owned a house for over a year now (I still don’t know who let that happen) and somehow with being a grown up, I learned how to listen to these things called “Podcasts.” Maybe it’s because I have a commute now, maybe it’s because I’ll be outside for 2 hours doing yardwork and would like to have some background noise that isn’t just music, or maybe it’s because I’d like to be an entrepreneur (autocorrect knows that if I can’t even spell the word, I certainly am not in that camp).

I have a handful of podcasts that I’m subscribed to right now, and as I work my way through them I’d love to tell you about them. The one that I’ve been listening to the most right now is Beer with Geeks, so what better place to start?

So full disclosure, I am friends with Frank, one half of the Beer with Geeks team.
That does NOT make his podcast less awesome, and he did NOT ask me to write this.
I also created the art that’s in the header because I just kept on thinking about making something like that while I was listening to the podcasts, so I finally did it and they’re using it as their facebook cover photo! *giddy clapping*

So with Frank being the cool guy that he is, intrigued me want to check out this side project he had going on. One thing I have always wanted to do is go into a comic book store and feel like I knew what I was looking for. I wanted to have some semblance of superhero stories from the very beginning, and I have never figured out where to start. These guys can at least give me an idea of pop culture enough to figure out what kind of thing to ask for – but let me explain.

Frank and Tim are immensely interesting to listen to for a few reasons, but my favorite is when they discuss the origin stories and surrounding characters to their favorite superheroes: Batman and Superman. Sometimes Spiderman gets thrown into the mix, but he’s just silly. Their chatter on the podcast has made me desperately want to watch Gotham and Smallville (also because Jensen Ackles is in it, but shh whatever), actually get into the Flash (I watched the first two episodes and loved them, then couldn’t keep up), Arrow, and Agents of Shield. The only show that I do actually watch and can weigh in on is Agent Carter, and I am SO glad that’s coming back for another season. Hayley Atwell is my hero.

They don’t only talk about comic books though. They talk about their childhoods, their favorite chick flicks, their favorite musicians and what instruments they can play – now I want to learn to play a ukelele. They’re inspiring. They’re interesting. They’re funny – Tim not only sings everything (which I very much can relate to) but he chimes in with appropriate quotes in a single bound!

Growing up I had a bunch of guy friends around me, so I find comfort in just being the listener while they have their own conversations. I can weigh in on twitter if I feel that strongly about seeing this crazy pool toy that Frank talks about in an early episode, or if Tim tells Frank to watch Stardust which is in fact a good movie. I think it also helps that when they do talk about things of their childhood, I can relate cause I grew up in the same time frame.

So if you’re looking for a good podcast where two guys reminisce and debate about any little geeky thing about their past, present and future – give these guys a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Have any podcasts you’d like me to give a listen to? Do you watch Agent Carter? Tell me all the things in the comments!!

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