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Somewhere along the way, I nicknamed Christmas “Cramcham.” While you may think “Hey Rhi, that sounds more like cream cheese than Christmas,” all I’ll say to you is “cramcham” repeatedly until we’re done.

There are some great shops operated by those I admire that I want to plug using my close-to-dying social media outlets for anyone who will have me and my suggestions. Mostly because I like listicles, but also because I’m hoping this will give others some inspiration to wrap up their holiday shopping which I am definitely avoiding doing right now.

Modern Girl Blitz
My girl Midge kills it on the regular. Her work is not only in Strand Bookstore (which I honestly think is one of the coolest things ever) but she just got featured in teen vogue. So, of course I’m proud as hell of her being one of my besties. Here are a few of my faves from her.

Witch Banner Pin
Magickal Coffee Pin
Feminist Witches Print

Mellen Illustration

My friend Mel is talented AF and I have a few of her pieces in my house. She did my wedding stationery and I love it so so much. She’s a huge Hamilton and Disnerd which comes out in her work pretty handily. Here are more of her awesome things.

Far Out VW Bus Pins
Baymax Norman Rockwell Print
Eleven in the sensory deprivation tank


Jordan’s shop is one of those shops that you start seeing all your friends wearing something amazing, and before you know it your entire nerdy office is wearing half her shop. For good reason, these shirts are crazy comfy and look super sleek, like you’ve upgraded your nerd cred. I love the scripted style of every shirt/item and honestly she covers so many fandoms, it would be hard not to find something you like here.


Kylo Ren is a punk bitch (aka my all time favorite shirt)
Nevertheless She Persisted

Joanna Behar

Somehow I got sucked into enamel pins on instagram, and Joanna’s shop is one of my favorites. Her pins are super colorful, nerdy and a great little addition to basically anything you wear or carry. Outside of her pins, her lettering is on point too – so of course I fell in love. #artnerd

Gem Pins
Kawaii Cauldron (so friggin cute)
Pixel Hearts (one day I’ll get that tattoo… one day)

Shawn Smith of Shawnimals and Resketch

If you’ve been following me or my blogging antics for a while, you’ve likely seen a ninja or dumpling vinyl toy pop up here or there. I fell in love with these little guys in college and started following Shawn’s story around the internet because of them. His work on resketch is really cool and honestly makes me feel better about the sketchbooks I’m buying and using since they’re all recycled papers. I swear by my resketch book at work, and I like the different materials I write on day in and day out. Keeps me on my toes! Here are some of my favorites from him:

Resketch book
Ninjatown zipper charms!
Blind Boxed dumplings


I love art and supporting artists. I think these people rule and I’m proud to own their stuff, and I also really love gifting their work to other people – and I think you should too!
Tell me about some of your favorite artists in the comments.

-Rhi, who is hoping to start blogging regularly again.

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