So today I had a bad cupcake experience.
And this is how I felt about it – note that it was kind of hard to crush these..

These were my attempt at being a healthier baker. Had these cupcakes not tasted like a tasteless sponge eating contest, I would’ve won this battle. No frosting or filling could’ve saved these. And I need to remember that sometimes, not everything works out. It’s okay. I’m over it. I went and bought a box of betty crocker and a cosmo magazine, everything is better.

I’ll post this recipe for you all to not use. Besides the fact that these had no taste and had the consistency of sponges, I doubled the recipe to try to make the yield a higher amount of cupcakes… guess what. I got 14 cupcakes. The yield for the original recipe. Thanks biggest loser, you did not help this time. 

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