Sony Wins E3 and Other Notables

E3 is basically Christmas for gamers. Except it’s really just news about what we’ll get for Christmas this year, if we’re lucky. The 3 big names in gaming, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, along with developers like EA and Ubisoft come together to discuss their newest IP’s, their long-awaited sequels, and hopeful surprises so long as no information is leaked beforehand.

Now that the initial excitement and barrage of reactionary tweets has died down, I can look back and see what games I’m truly excited for after most of the main stage conferences have happened. As a sony fangirl from ~age 6, here are my personal highlights.

Horizon Zero Dawn (A.K.A. Ygritte and the Demon Robots)
February 28, 2017
Horizon Zero Dawn Title Image

The world needs more badass redheaded females, as we now know to be true from Game of Thrones and the previews of this game. I’m excited for what seems to be a very open world environment, quick thinking combat and the mix of old and new. Old in terms of wilderness driven lifestyle, but new with robots and power cores. I’m really interested to see what this game has to offer, and it’s so encouraging to see people get so excited about a female driven lead.

Crash Bandicoot Remaster (+Skylanders)
Skylanders Release October 2016
Crash Bandicoot falling

While Skylanders is a sorry excuse for what Spyro the Dragon used to be, putting Crash into it with all his signature sounds and spins makes it almost intriguing enough to buy. Instead of buying THAT though, I’ll be investing my money back into the remaster of 3 of my favorite childhood games. There’s something to be said for an intense demand of a game that first came out 20 years ago (oh my god) that will get a fresh coat of paint and be put back into the hands of gamers everywhere. I couldn’t be happier to give all these games another play through, I hope I remember all the easter eggs. Gem collecting never felt so good.

Final Fantasy XV (+ VR)
September 30, 2016
FFXV Battle Shot

Opening with the classic-but-updated chocobo music, pretty boys and pretty landscapes to make you drop trou, Final Fantasy is hardly ever a letdown. Though I don’t know much about the story yet, and I very much enjoyed the freerunning battle sequence that felt very similar to the FF MMO’s I know and love.
Can we take a minute to talk about the VR announcement though? How it snuck into the conference so easily, as if to say “this is where you will spend all the rest of your money” to the diehard FF fans. Except at the end, it says “play as Prompto.” Oh dear. Prompto? Prompto. I can’t decide if I’ll invest to play as the silliest named character out of irony or curiosity. Probably both.

Steep (Ubisoft)
Winter 2016

I came into this E3 looking for a new SSX, really just for myself and not out of speculation. I was not super thrilled with the last one, since it was so heavily dependent on a single character and online interaction/gameplay vs. the originals, which were much more laid back and comical. Steep, from the previews, looks as though you can combine the competitive manner and seriousness of playing with the hilarity of your wipe outs that you can slow down and zoom around and into. The customization of the outfits looked like a unique and playful approach too, which made me happy.
As an aside, I watched the Ubisoft conference late, and thought steep was a game about tea.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole
December 6, 2016 – announced with disbelieving laughterSouth Park characters posing
I can’t not love Matt and Trey. The way they’re so non-chalant about their franchise at this point makes me even happier about it. “You guys are familiar with fish sticks, right?” The previews they showed for this game look really promising, using the same graphics & the same world locations, but updating the combat and the storyline with their more current characters is really exciting. I can’t wait to see more about what douchebag is capable of, and if they bring back any of the storyline from the last game.

The Last Guardian
October 25, 2016
The Last Guardian Cat-Bird
Maybe one of the most awaited games from E3 history – considering it was first teased 7 years ago, The Last Guardian finally has a release date. I’m 90% sure that I will cry my way through that game, considering how worked up I get just watching the trailers. Injured fantastical animal and small child leading it through life. My face will be in ruins.

Other notable notables: 

New Spider-Man game. I’m certainly interested, especially with the success that Marvel has been having in cinema recently. Count me in. Batman VR. I have yet to see a bad batman game, so I’m also intrigued. Between this an FFXV, I may have reasoning enough to invest in some VR gear. Grow Up (Ubisoft). I missed the first title in this series, but I’m still interested in playing. Recore. This one upsets me, because I would 100% buy this game, but I do not own an Xbox and can’t see myself investing $400 in playing a single title. God Of War. That orchestra was pretty awesome. Detroit Become Human. Another game I’ll cry through, thanks. Trials of the Blood Dragon. I’d love to see them play this on Geek and Sundry, it looks like a great quick playing game to get a lot of entertainment value from. EA Originals: Fe. Somehow, I also think I’m going to cry through this game, but it reminds me of Child of Light, so I’m pretty interested.

I’m currently watching the Pokémon reveal on Nintendo’s Treehouse and getting pumped to see more about the new Zelda title – maybe a date? Maybe? 3 conferences after it was teased? The preview looks beautiful, but I need MORE.

What games are you looking forward to? Can you sell me on buying an xbox or VR equipment?
Convince me in the comments.


All the imagery is linked back to where I found it. I claim no rights to them, I’m only using them to say how much I like the games they represent thanks.

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