Where To Eat Wednesday: Sweet Chick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Today’s post is going to be sponsored by craft fairs and chicken & waffles. Meet Sweet Chick: The cute little restaurant in Williamsburg, BK that’s serving up a classic – (can you call it a classic yet?) Who can say no to chicken and waffles on a perfect spring day? No one I want to know.


Okay, so back story: Last weekend I went to the Renegade Mini-Market (and spent too much money…ahem…) in Brooklyn. If you’re not on the mailing list for Renegade Craft Fairs, you totally should be, because supporting local artists is amazing and you’ll find such great stuff from crafters and artists. These people are usually local and always talented enough to make you wish you did more with decorating your house and life. The fairs are starting to happen more often as well – the next one in Brooklyn is Sept 14th & 15th so you should all go. These aren’t only in NY though, they have fairs in Chicago and LA, but since I happen to live our here I’ll stick to going to these. End unpaid craft fair plug here.

The location was super cool and I bought this amazing bag by Peg & Awl and I’m not even a little sorry about it.


So… since I met up with a few of my friends at this fair, and I happen to know some pretty neat people that live in Brooklyn, we were able to get an insider suggestion on where to go to eat: Enter Sweet Chick.


I’ve walked past this place 100 times and never given it a second look. I feel like there was a dark period in my life before I knew the glory of waffles. I’m not kidding you when I say I didn’t eat waffles growing up, I grew up in a pancake household so I didn’t eat waffles until I moved out pretty much. And now I do some work for Eggo 😉 I digress.



This place was pretty nice inside, and dare I say mildly spacious for a Brooklyn restaurant. There’s some community seating (as seen above) but there are also individual tables so that was good too. As a big girl in these situations, I don’t like shimmying past people, and I was comfortable in here.

We made it just in time for the end of brunch, though if your place is a chicken and waffle shop I feel like you’re never going to get too far away from breakfast. image

Check out that menu! Take note, the fonts and layout are what make this. Design at work!

Midge is a vegetarian and she got the Chicken ‘N’ Waffles because… they make it vegetarian! What! They made hers with Seitan and I swear to you, as a non-veg, that tasted dead on like chicken. Aside from any visible bones, you’d never tell it wasn’t chicken unless you were literally taking a bite of one and then the other. I was so impressed.


These were random butters I was given and Midge said they were all good. The plain looking one was like a citrus-y tasting one, we don’t know what the speckled one was, and the last was like a raspberry one or something. All amazing.


I got the Sweet Chick Waffle. The waffle was fluffy and perfectly toasted, the fruit was fresh and delicious, and the spiced honey that was on top was the perfect addition to round it all out and give it that sweetness that you’d find in a syrup… without the syrup.

I just made myself want another one. Darn.

Everything in this place was amazing tasting and I want to go back like tomorrow. I have no doubt in my mind we’ll go back to this place in September for the next craft fair, if not beforehand.

There are hundreds of places to eat on Bedford Ave, which is the main drag of Williamsburg, but I am so so glad we stopped into this one.

Until the next time I eat at a fabulous restaurant,
<3 bakerhi

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