You guys.

I am so sick. I’ve been drinking orange juice, tea, water and eating ice cream and macaroni and cheese so I can get better asap. I hate being sick. And I really enjoy my job, I want to be there. I don’t want to use my sick days!What is your favorite thing to eat or…


Having a baking/photo lull. I’m gonna try to get some suggestions for what to make this weekend from people at work. Unless you guys wanna leave me some again. (: At any rate, anyone figure out their halloween costumes yet? I’m going to be a teapot. 

Sugar Cookie Dough!

In the fridge – which means some tasty little cookie cut-outs will be coming your way soon. Happy 4th of July to my crazy American followers, go eat your BBQ! How do you eat your sugar cookies? With or without frosting? Sprinkles? Sandwiched with Nutella (oh goodness…) ?