Sony Wins E3 and Other Notables

E3 is basically Christmas for gamers. Except it’s really just news about what we’ll get for Christmas this year, if we’re lucky. The 3 big names in gaming, Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, along with developers like EA and Ubisoft come together to discuss their newest IP’s, their long-awaited sequels, and hopeful surprises so long as…


Play with Pixels: Gaming Q&A

I have been lucky enough to find a community online called International Geek Girl Pen Pal Club (there’s a link in my sidebar if you’re interested), where people from all over the globe gather and find camaraderie in all things nerdy through snail mail or e-mail. This month they’ve put out a theme (and it’s…


PAX East 2016 Expectations

It is April, and aside from it being my birthday month (very important, folks), it is also the month that PAX East is happening in Boston! In a few short weeks I will be surrounded by my people – all of the gamers and nerds on the east coast, waiting on lines to playtest games…


How I Relate Real Life to Gaming

Over the course of my 26 years on this earth, there are several games that I have played that I imagine happening in my real life. I’ve also started using gaming metaphors for my daily life. UI’s are leaking into my brain when I close my eyes, it’s a designers virtual reality dream. Basically my…


Gaming Bars and Me

When I turned 21 in my third year of college, my world opened up for some unsuspecting reasons. Not only could I enjoy alcoholic beverages legally, because the goodie-two-shoes in me would not allow this to happen prior to that fateful day (minus one or two occurrences), but I could peruse “package stores” as they are…


Is a game app still considered casual?

The past few weeks have been rather exciting for me as a happy nerd: Zoombinis came out this past week, so I’ve been puzzling my way through Pizza Pass and Mudball Wall, reliving my childhood. “Have a pizza party!” When I got too frustrated with the Allergic Cliffs nonsensical patterns, I opened up the App…

I got in!

My senior thesis was accepted among about 30-40 other students to be in the senior show this year. Once I find out more information maybe I’ll invite you guys. 😛 (: Maybe I’ll make cookies tonight. And be upset that Steve Carrell’s last episode of the Office is tonight. Boo!