Where To Eat Wednesday: macbar, NYC

A friend of mine from college posted a picture of some macaroni and cheese. Normally, you’d scroll past those pictures, but this one just struck me as something different.

You may have seen my last post about the crazy delicious macaroni and cheese I got here, and I may have already inspired a few people to go. I hope more of you do.
This place is a perfectly macaroni-shaped boutique food shop, with a handful of combinations of your favorite comfort food: macaroni and cheese.

From their big sell of “Lobsta Mac” to margarita mac, and even the standard four cheese, you’ll find what you’re craving. 

This place is a little pricey if you want to go for the large size, but unless you have a huge appetite or end up splitting with a friend, you don’t have to go all out. My friend Midge and I did just because we had skipped lunch and traveled to and from Philly that day, but I digress.

The macbar, located just a block north (I think) from Lafayette on Prince St. (Def Prince St.) is perfectly macaroni and cheese colored too. We each got two kinds, she got the margarita macaroni and cheese, and I got the standard four cheese, and both of us were nice and full at the end. Hers tasted like your standard italian pizza and pasta combined. Mine was overwhelming, and I took some of it home with me in that fantastic noodle shaped container. And aren’t her glasses just spectacular? 

Anyway. You should go. Get a cool container you can take home and not know what to do with just yet. Bring a few friends and try a little bit of all of theirs. This place happens to be right down the street from rice to riches too, so if you for whatever reason still have an appetite after you eat here, follow it up with some designer rice pudding.

I’m hoping to get back into doing my Where to eat Wednesdays again! So here’s hoping I come up with a good place to eat by next week. Or maybe I’ll just go back here. 😉 

<3 Rhi 

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