Weekend Roundup

This Weekend I…

  • Finished reading the Scott Pilgrim series. So adorable. Highly recommend. There are enough interesting differences between the six graphic novels and the movie that you’ll want to love both a whole lot if you don’t already. Kim Pine is my jam.
  • Made some Nutella cookies
    I mean… what kind of weekend would it be without some goodies?
  • Picked up some awesome reading materials. Got my next Game of Thrones book, got another book by Brian Lee O’Malley (who wrote Scott Pilgrim – yes, there’s a trend), got my BUST mag in the mail & two foodie mags at the grocery store
  • Also picked up an Astrology book & I’m taking some notes in my Alice in Wonderland Moleskine. I’m basically trying to figure out why I’m so indecisive, and aiming to blame it on the universe.

Do you guys read any of these things? Did you have a nice weekend?
Tell me about it! 🙂

<3 Rhi

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