Triumphs and Failures

Since I experiment a lot, and I’m essentially teaching myself to bake, I have my share of triumphs, and failures. The reason I keep going is because the triumphs outweigh the failures at least 10 fold, and I really enjoy seeing people get joy out of eating my baked goods. However, yesterday I had two failures. It’s kinda rough doing that.

Here are two tips from a failed-self-taught-baker that you may need in the future:

  1. White chocolate ganache used as a “glaze” over chocolate cupcakes looks… suggestive. AKA Not appetizing. (use your imagination, people)
  2. When halving a recipe, really read it. Yesterday I tried making peanut butter cream cheese frosting – and the original poster of the recipe had written it as 1 stick (4oz) which is actually a half stick of butter. So instead of having a quarter of a stick like I should have, I had half a stick. My frosting turned out greasy and slimy. I was not appeased.

So! In other news I got three new frosting tips from the store today that I’m going to try out on my second round of frosting. That means pictures are on the way!

So, since I’ve shared two of my most recent mishaps, I’d love to hear yours!
What has been your biggest learned lesson in baking?

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