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So as some of you may know, I made stickers out of some of these little critters and sent them out! I’m going to be doing an updated set of them, so instead of them being round stickers they’ll be in the shape of the cupcakes. I just need names for them! I will be selling them after they’re all printed, I just need to get the start up capital first.

I’m undecided about whether or not I want to name them by flavor, by a nickname or by a play on words with the flavor and name. So I need your help!

If I pick a name you submitted, I will be sending you a set of stickers for free!! 

Like this post if you would buy some of these little dudes to put on your notebooks/sticker locations! 

What should their names be?

I’m still lacking names I like for the first two in the middle row.
For the gooey one, not that this may help, but it really reminds me of the poisoned apple in snow white, so if anyone could play off of that, that’d be cool! 

I’ve picked all the other names, but won’t announce them until I actually get my stickers setup to be printed. (: Hold tight!

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