Update, sup yo!?

Hey guys.
I’m not dead. I’m just really busy. You know, holidays and whatnot.
Also a little seasonally sick (I think I’ve got the black lung, pop…) 

I have to do some holiday jars this weekend for some lucky people in my life who may or may not be getting one. Which means I’ll probably have some pictures.

Also gonna make some cookies for my friend (and one of my biggest fans) Matt, who’s birthday is today. Happy birthday Matt! I think I might make these suckers posted by Best Friends for Frosting. She froze the peanut butter – what a great idea!! So much less messy that way.

Also, check out my apartment! I decorated for Christmas. You can also spy my cat.

So, since I’m between recipes, I have a question for you:
What sweet/dessert do you most look forward to during the holidays?  
Hands down, mine is my Mom’s chocolate fudge. I cannot get enough, and my brother will probably agree. When that classic hershey’s tin comes out (which is what she keeps the fudge in after it’s made), we pretty much hover in the kitchen until it’s done. Tell me yours!!

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