Where to Eat Wednesday : The NY Renaissance Faire

Two words: Turkey Leg

So, as a happily self proclaimed nerd who has been going to ren faire’s since I was a little one, I’ll be the first to say that ren faire food is awesome. I think it’s a full immersion kind of thing, so when I saw mediterranean food at this one, I was little disappointed. Not to say that they didn’t also have mead stations, and plenty of meat to go around.

I’m pretty sure smoothies didn’t exist in the Renaissance. But, I’m not complaining.

I mean, there’s enough pretty guys on horses to keep me happy. Drink all the smoothies you want, I’ll just oogle all the beautiful clothing and wish it was socially acceptable to wear stuff like this on a daily basis.

While you may not want to eat these, you can at least take out your anger on someone who blatantly insults you with some rotten tomatoes in the face. Food and a show, how can you go wrong?

But back to the main event. The turkey leg. My mom has told me that every single time we went to a Ren faire when I was little, all I wanted was a turkey leg. To this day, that’s all I want. Why? Because where else are you going to get a remotely authentic turkey leg that feels heavier than your arm and makes you feel like a barbarian eating it. It’s like going to Medieval Times and getting no silverware, even for soup. You will get grease and turkey all over your face. You will love it, and no one around you will judge you, because you’re at a Renaissance faire. Everyone’s doing it!

I know that next time I’ll go back and get some cider and try to convince someone I’m with to get a pickle and a turkey leg so I can take some action shots. Maybe I’ll even try some mead.

The only problem with these is that they’re only open from August-September! Find one near you, they’re everywhere and they’re awesome! Go go go!

Until next time I eat someplace interesting,
<3 Rhi 

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